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Self shielding, welding cored wire technology for wear protection, rebuilding & repair Enduring Performance… Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic Self shielding peripheric arc system ensures : Fastest weld deposition rates Higher welding duty cycles On site capability without shielding gas supplies Optimised alloy weld properties for longer service life Maximum cost savings & productivi

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TeroMatec® TeroMatec® CORED WELDING WIRES TeroMatec® is a self shielded arc welding process (Open Arc/FCAW) using specially formulated flux cored wire electrodes. The self shielded peripheric arc conception includes a wide range of custom made alloys optimised for industrial wearfacing, rebuilding and repair solutions with many advantages : No shielding gas requirements Solidified slag Wire guide / contact tube Molten slag Fastest weld deposition rates Cored wire Higher welding duty cycles Particles-elements/compounds Efficient weld metal recovery Gas shield created by compounds Stock...

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EFFICIENT WELD METAL RECOVERY ( The weld metal recovery (sometimes called yield or efficiency) is simply the ratio of the mass of weld deposited to the total mass of the original welding electrode. Thus TeroMatec® cored wires have an excellent weld metal recovery ratio reaching 90% to 95% whilst MMA stick electrodes only reach around 65% due to higher slag volumes and repetitive stub end losses. In other words, TeroMatec® ensures that virtually all the weight of purchased cored wire ends up as a useful weld deposit thus reducing consumable costs. STOCK REDUCTION OPPORTUNITIES As a 15kg...

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TeroMatec® TeroMatec® MANUFACTURING FACILITIES The TeroMatec® range of high performance cored electrodes are formulated, developed and manufactured in Castolin Eutectic’s own modern plants using specially designed production equipment and procedures in accordance with ISO 9001 and EN 29001 quality assurance standards. Each TeroMatec® batch after wire drawing and baking, is weld tested for consistent chemistry, properties & operability before precision spiral spooling and protective packaging for stock. metal strip pre-forming roll flux finishing rolls Self shielding flux ingredients, arc...

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Abr as Ero ion sio Imp n a Fric ct ti He on at Cor ro Cav sion it Reb ation ui ld ing B as eM eta l TeroMatec® flux cored wires Technical Data For Joining, Buttering and Rebuilding Bucket blades, grabs, leveller blades, tooth-holders on Tensile strength : 600-670 N/mm² mechanical shovels Elongation (l=d) : 45-55 % Hardness : 170-210 HV Tensile strength : 560-640 N/mm² Hardness : 260-310 HV Repair of foundry defects in nodular or spheroidal graphite grades of cast iron - porosity, blow holes or shrinkage cavities. Tensile strength ~475 N/mm2 Hardness ~50 HRC Annealed ~24 HRC Foundry defects...

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TeroMatec® THE COMPLETELY MOBILE TeroMatec® SYSTEM Wire Feeder developed specially for heavy duty wear protection applications. Unit powered by the open arc voltage. Fitted contactor (up to 400A) for safe operation, live torch>400A Fitted solenoid for gas shielding. Designed for wires from 1.2mm to 2.8mm with a simple combination of rollers. High feeding force: 4 wheel drive knurled rollers. Fully protected feeding system. Self regulating wire speed. Accepts 15kg and 25kg spool types. Easy to maintain. Euro connection to accept any torch( water cooling option). Front panel of the TeroMatec®...

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TerolVlatec® applications For your critical applications Wear phenomena Industry Parts Cement vertical roller Open cast Bucket teeth Glassworks Hammer Iron and Sinter Crush steel works tooth Stronger with Castolin Eutectic

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TeroMatec® applications For your critical applications Wear phenomena Friction + abrasion + impact + erosion Civil engineering Drill sleeve cutter Thermal power plants Coal screw vanes Limestone hammer Refuse recycling Crushing claws Hydraulic casing Friction + abrasion + corrosion Screw conveyor Stronger with Castolin Eutectic www.castolin.com

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TeroMatec® applications Application Cement Industry A cement plant installed two new waste feeding lines into the kiln burner. Waste is pumped at 32 m/s speed through 60m and 90m long feeding lines. Previous OEM solutions consisted of standard mild steel straight tubes with internally basalt protected elbows which lasted only 3 weeks. When the installation was operating, the noise of multiple impacts could be heard due to scrap metal or stone particles in the waste feedstock. This caused high wear rate failures of the basalt lining. Wear is usually localized at the elbow entry First line...

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CASTOLIN EUTECTIC Castolin Eutectic Locations ^CKTIIJI (incut AfHBuipiPniMiioN unm u.m The unique Terolink database of Castolin Eutectic contains more than 8,000 fully documented approved applications from around the globe. The case studies include photographs, technical data, detailed descriptions To increase customer know- have developed a full line relevant personnel from sales teams and managing R&D-Wear Test Laboratory Product Portfolio - Widest in the Industry Together with our sister company, the Messer Group, we can offer our customers a very powerful range of products and services....

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History of Castolin Eutectic 1906: Foundation of Castolin in Lausanne, Switzerland by Jean-Pierre Wasserman. His stroke of genius: to discover a way of welding cast iron at low temperature; in the following years, this innovation was further developed for all industrial metals including aluminium alloys. 1940: Foundation of Eutectic Welding Alloys Corporation in New York 1952: Foundation of Castolin France 1959: Foundation of Eutectic Japan Ltd 1962: Foundation of Eutectic India Ltd. 1960’s: International consolidation under Castolin Eutectic 1970’s: Creation of training centers for...

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Stronger with... Castolin Eutectic WEAR & FUSION TECHNOLOGY Castolin Eutectic Eutectic Castolin

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