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EXPERTS in repair and maintenance at your SERVICE Turnkey solutions produced for you Castolin Eutectic Eutectic Castolin

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CastoLab® Services Your problems... Wear phenomena cost the production industry millions and millions of Euro every year. At this very moment, your machinery probably has vital parts needing urgent attention, and leaving it too long in an insufficiently maintained condition will mean for you the need to buy expensive new parts or suffer prolonged production shutdowns for urgent repairs. Fortunately, worn or broken parts can be restored and protected against future wear through the appropriate wearfacing technology. Maintenance and repair is a highly technological and specialized business,...

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CastoLab® Services ... our unique CastoLab® Services solutions Our CastoLab® Services network of specialized workshops will bring you a unique approach to your needs in maintenance repair and all wearfacing solutions. We offer: Outsourcing solutions to your problems Maintenance turnkey solutions State-of-the-art technologies for the best solution Flexibility Speed of response A partnership to lower your costs Cut your investments in welding and coating equipment High level of expertise, continuous innovation Fully resourced workshops Our CastoLab® Services develop advanced and innovative...

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CastoLab® Services We are flexible ! Jobs on-site or in our facilities We have general purpose facilities in most countries, all fully equipped with “state-of-the-art” technology, diverse process technologies and highly skilled technical specialists. Depending on your request, the job can be undertaken in our own facilities as well as at your plant. When your machinery is too large to be moved - for example, a large and expensive boiler, a vertical roller mill, a large presses - our CastoLab® Services maintenance experts will visit your premises to solve the problem onsite. Not only...

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CastoLab® Services Services we can provide No matter what the wear or joining challenge you are facing, our fully equipped and professionally staffed CastoLab® Services workshops are able to help you. Some of the many services we can provide include: Emergency repairs When an unforeseen emergency stops or limits your production, we have extensive experience to repair your parts in the shortest possible delay. Standard repairs Cracks, breakage and wear can also cause leakages and losses of efficiency. In such instances, well documented repair procedures can be applied in a planned...

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CastoLab® Services Our technologies to best serve you There are many different ways to repair, rebuild and wearface your parts, each with their respective advantages and constraints. For many customers, the selection of the optimum process is very difficult, time consuming and filled with risk. Even when the optimum process is known, it is often not possible to do it yourself. Limitations are often imposed either by the welding skills you may have or the equipment investments available in-house. Our fully equipped CastoLab® Services Service workshops know no such limits! So for each and...

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CastoLab® Services Our technologies to best serve you Twin arc wire spraying (EuTronic Arc®) High deposition rates achieved using electrical arc melting of two cored or solid wires simultaneously MEANS high-quality alloy coatings achieved at affordable prices. On-site spraying for large surfaces. Depending upon workshop location, a variety of machining, milling, grinding, forming and shaping services are available. Hot powder flame spraying (Eutalloy® and SuperJet®) Hot spraying with subsequent fu- HVOF powder spraying Cold spray process at supersonic particle speeds for maximum mechanical...

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CastoLab® Services Your industry partner A century at the forefront of protective materials technology has positioned Castolin Eutectic as the world’s premier industrial partner. Our comprehensive know-how is unrivalled, and our industry partnerships continue to thrive. We provide solutions to all of the major companies operating in industry with global industrial programs for cement manufacturers, power generators, the oil and gas industry, waste and recycling industry, steel industry and more... Cement plant From the quarry all the way to ready mix blenders, we have innovative solutions...

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CastoLab® Services Examples of special solutions for your industry EuTronic Arc® spraying in power and cement plant The wearfacing protective coating can withstand dry or wet erosion, erosion by mud, ash or dust-laden gases, corrosion by oxidizing acids or alkaline solutions and surface ablation in hot, chemical atmospheres. Large areas can be quickly and cost-effectively coated. The components lifetime will be significantly increased thereby, ongoing maintenance cost decreased and production uptime maximized. CastoTube® Inner surface is coated ! The solution against abrasion and erosion...

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CastoLab® Services Strong presence around the world Stronger with Castolin Eutectic

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CastoLab® Services Part of the Castolin Eutectic World As a fully integrated unit of Castolin Eutectic, CastoLab® Services are supported by the group's full range of manufacturing, R&D, training and other resources that have made Castolin Eutectic a long-established leader worldwide in fighting wear and providing specialist joining solutions. They also enjoy the know-how of thousands of specialists throughout the world with their unique application database TeroLink® containing over 7,600 fully documented applications. >> Enjoy the know-how of thousands of Specialists throughout the World...

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Stronger with.. Castolin Eutectic WEAR & FUSION TECHNOLOGY Castojfn Eutectic Eutectic Castolin

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