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Wearfaced Parts and Solutions Diamond Plates® Enduring performance... Castolin Eutectic Active protection against abrasion and erosion ■ Reduce maintenance costs thanks to the extended service life cycles of protected surfaces ■ Increase plant availability by means of longer maintenance intervals for heavily loaded surfaces ■ Conserve resources and protect the environment with exchangeable liners Castolin Eutectic Eutectic Castolin

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Systematic Wear Protection Preventive maintenance - for economic efficiency and environmental protection Castolin Eutectic has committed itself to reducing wear on component surfaces that are subjected to mechanical and chemical loads for a century now. What has emerged as the results of the group’s global activities are methods that not only reduce repair and maintenance costs, but also increase the service lives of plants and installations. Castolin Eutectic, has become the worldwide leader in Wear and Fusion Technologies for maintenance and repair. One of the big successes achieved is...

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High Tec Composite Material CDP and CastoTube® Composite Material CDP and CastoTube® Higher Performance These composite materials consist of an easy-to-weld steel plate or tube overlaid with abrasion and erosion resistant alloys by means of arc welding, metal atomised or plasma powder coating. This diagram shows the way in which various substances are worn down in an abrasive environment: the thickness of the layer worn away from a CDP 4666 Plate over a specific period amounts to around 1/20 of that worn away from a plate made of standard mild steel. CDP and CastoTube® wear resistance...

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CDP Weld Cladded Range Weld cladded wear plate for extreme abrasion and erosion resistance. This is the real High Load resistant wearplate with a unique overlay and a complex carbide structure with high density of hard particles. The extremely hard boron and niobium hard particles finely dispersed in between the chromium carbides reduce their spacing and ensure the best protection from abrasive and erosive media of finer size. Base material: mild steel Plate dimensions: 1500 x 3000 mm Surface coating: 1220 x2740 mm (3.34 m2) Thickness of metal base + protective layer: Alloying elements: C,...

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CDP Weld Cladded Range Our CastoTube® are internally wearface-welded with the exceptional wear resistance alloy of the CDP 4666 . Alternative alloys and different base steel compositions for extreme service conditions are available on request. Base metal: mild steel Diameter: 125 mm-300mm Maximum length: 3 m Coating thickness: 3mm-4. 5mm Inner diameter: Virtually any from range 125 - 300 mm can be produced by applying a different wearfacing thickness inside the standard base tube. Flange joints Absence of harmful linear weld joints Exceptional wear resistance Perfectly round cross section...

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CDP Powder Plate Range CDP 112 Powder Coated wear plate for extreme abrasion and erosion. The deposit consists of a wear resistant Ni Cr B Si matrix and additions of fine dispersed tungsten carbides (WC), designed for resistance to wear by erosion and low stress abrasion both in wet and dry forms. Base materials: mild or stainless steel Plate dimension A: 850 x 1250mm Coated surface A: 800 x 1200mm (0.96 m2). Thickness of metal base + protective layer: Wearfacing alloy: Ni Cr B Si + W carbides Matrix hardness: 60 HRC Carbide hardness: > 1,700 HV0.03 Carbide content: 35% Max. service Temp:...

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Due to Castolin Eutectic‘s production know-how, the residual stress during welding and powder metal coating is low and well distributed in the base material. This quality is the basis for the extremely good formability of CDP wear plates and CastoTube®. CDP can be worked almost like any other construction steel, with very few limitations. Cutting, for example, can be performed by plasma, water jet or laser. Joining can be by welding, bolting, etc. Joinning and attachement You determine the way in which you use CDP - to line your basic construction or as a self-supporting CDP structure. You...

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State of the art in heavy machinery construction Castolin Eutectic manufactures complete finished solutions ready for immediate installation in accordance with your engineering specifications and to suit your individual requirements. Even sophisticated designs can be realised with CDP and CastoTube®. Castolin Eutectic design large complex part using CAD. The different parts of complex installation are cut to size in an underwater CNC plasma-arc cutting plant, which is directly interfaced to our CAD system. Used as wear protection media CDP and CastoTube® products provide a particularly...

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Industrial Solutions Castolin offers a comprehensive range of solutions for virtually all wear-intensive fields of heavy industry in the form of CDP plates and CastoTube®. Mines and quarries Sand and gravel pits Shredders and recycling plants Iron and steel mills Cement and ready-mix concrete plants, brickworks Foundries and coking plants Dedusting pipeline Incineration and thermal electric power plants Vibratory casting gutter, foundry industry Cyclone tubes in the exhaust filter of a power plant. Feed screw Feeding hopper Industry Programs-Tour guide Castolin Eutectic - with their wealth...

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Power Stations ■ Slag rein oval systems De-dusting plant Clinker transportation pipe lines Mixer linings Mill linings Sifter cabinet Baffle plate Applications for Steel Industry ■ Blast furnace gas systems Mixer-using Industries ■ Concrete block industry TERO LINK The unique TEROLINK database of Castolin Eutectic contains almost 7,000 fully documented approved applications from around the globe The case studies include photographs, technical data, detailed descriptions, alternatives and cost-saving analyses of successful customer applications with CDP Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic

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CDP and CastoTube® Key Application Optimum wear resistance to abrasion, erosion, metal-metal friction Low constant rate of wear: facilitates the planning of preventive maintenance activities Can be reproduced easily thanks to CAD archiving of machining data and robot-aided manufacture Very high degree of hardness combined with excellent forming characteristics for cold rolling and bending Considerable extension to service life thanks to excellent homogeneity and specific metallurgical properties Base material has good welding characteristics May be cut using plasma arc, water jet and laser...

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