SM080 Thermal Imaging Camera


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SM080 Thermal Imaging Camera - 1

Thermal imaging camera for precise measurements (video & temperatures) developed and manufactured with native technology that offers user convenience with alert functionality, easy installs wherever necessary, and early discovery and prevention of potentially dangerous situations. D evelop ed/ma nufactu red with pure native technology.

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SM080 Thermal Imaging Camera - 2

Thermal Imaging Camera■ Features 1. High quality product developed/manufactured with highly unique native technology. Lens, electronic modules, housing, software ate all Made in Korea. Acquired patents for infrared camera and camera lens, 6400-pixel thermal imaging resolution. 4. You may install the standard tripod anywhere you need it. The user may install the tripod included with the product anywhere necessary to detect temperature changes in real time, and discover and prevent fires and potential dangers for quarantine measures. 2. Al arm Hi nctio nal ity th at i s tri gge re d when tem...

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