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CAS Product Catalog - 2

Since its founding in 1983, CAS Corporation consistently aims at becoming a leader in the international weighing industry. By offering a variety of products and dedicated customer service. CAS rapidly developed its global network system. With a manufacturing facility and Headquarter located in South korea. CAS has expended its business territory further to United States, India, Russia, Turkey and China including active sale performance in over 120 overseas countries. Our global network and cutting-edge technology will ensure total customer satisfaction. 1983 Company established 2006 The...

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CAS Product Catalog - 3

RETAIL PRODUCTS Label Printing Scale Ticket Printing / Price Computing Scale LABORATORY PRODUCTS Analytical Balance Micro Weighing Scale INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Basic Scal Scanner-Ready Scale / ECR Interface Scale Counting Scale Bench Scale Platform Scale Vehicle Weighing Scale Crane Scale Pallet Scale Food waste Pickup Scale / Drum Scale Fork Lift Scale CBSPLUS / CDSPLUS / CFS 50 Logistics Inspection System Auto Checker / Rejector Packing Machine Weight Transmitter

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CAS Product Catalog - 4

RETAIL WEIGHING SOLUTION™ Distribution solution for businesses that are striving to provide services that satisfy customers.

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CAS Product Catalog - 5

< M X ffw Label Printing Scale CL7200 Series [DualCOlorLCDdisplay^ I Multimedia scale Standard: USB 2.0 x 2, LAN, RS-232C, Cash drawer, USB Device Option: WLAN Remote firmware update updating deployed firmware without having physical access to the device running it is a very useful feature.

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CAS Product Catalog - 6

Label Printing Scale CL5500 Series High-speed thermal printer

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CAS Product Catalog - 7

RETAIL WEIGHING SOLUTION ™ 07 Label Printing Scale Flexible & reliable network system(wired/wireless) OPTION Wireless bridge card > PC manager program(CL-worksj > Platter with back Label Printing Scale Memory capacity:10,000 PLUs & 1,000 ingredients Supporting free label format design Cartridge-loading-type label installation 30 fixed format & 10 customized format design ^Various interfaces Firmware update via USB memory OPTION > Wireless bridge card > PC manager program(CL-works) > Platter with back rail OIML

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CAS Product Catalog - 8

Label Printing Scale Scrolling message bar Aluminum Body Construction Detachable Pole Display (CL3000-P) Durable printer mechanism Firmware update via RS-232C or USB port Interface: USB port, LAN, RJ11, RS-232C, optional wireless Linerless Labels > Wireless LAN > CL-Works Pro (PC Management Software} Measurement Type Platter Size Printing Resolution Label Size Barcode Type Printer Type Operating Temp. Approx. 8 times/sec. Load Cell 380 x 250 mm B:406x433x164 _P : 407 x 472 x 545_ B-Type : 72 PLU key, 35 function key / P-Type : 72 PLU key, 36 function key, 144 PLU LCD (Preset Tare : 5 digit,...

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CAS Product Catalog - 9

Label Printing Scale General speed thermal printer Cartridge-loading-type label installation Free format label design Wired/Wireless network OPTION > Wireless LAN card> Dust protection cover> Stainless steel platter with back rail > Large platter > Fish tray Label Printing Scale 54 preset keys for frequent transaction items Easy programming with wide keyboard Pre-pack mode for automatic weighing /labeling L 11000 Message I OPTION TCP/iP LAN card > Pole display > PC managerprogram(LP-Works) > Stainless steel platter with back rail > Large platter > Remote platform(60~150kg) (Non approval...

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CAS Product Catalog - 10

Ticket Printing Scale CT100 oimlcc OPTION > Zigbee, Wireless ethernet interface > Platter PLUcover > Platter back rail > PC software management(CT-Worksj Ticket Printing Scale

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CAS Product Catalog - 11

RETAIL WEIGHING SOLUTION ™ 11 Long lasting lithium-ion battery operated remote display Primium Price Computing Scale Environmentally friendly ceramic tray Resistive overlay color, touch sensitive display ^Wirelessfidelity interface^ Product Movie Various design Resolution Adapter, Rechargeable battery Price Computing Scale AP oiml (£ j00ILUShK!^ 8BO I Large Platter Daily total sales reporting function(Only EX type) Adopted dual inteival technology USB connection available^ OPTION > Display on the rear center > RS-232C/ USB interface > Large platter > Dust protection cover> Printer:...

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CAS Product Catalog - 12

Price Computing Scale High Resolution for Weighing Low Profile Design Up to 7 Direct PLUs Memory Function LCD Display & Back light (White) OPTION > RS-232 (Print, Command) > Pole Type > Mn Battery > USB Port Pole Type Bench Type User Display Type Price Computing Scale Accumulation function Simple and easy operation OPTION > Dust protection cover > Pole display Bench Type Pole Type Model Max.capacity (kg) Readability (g) External resolution Display digit Display type Operating temperature (˚C) Power Platter Size (mm) Dimensions (mm) Product weight (kg) 1/3,000 (Dual interval, Certi.) 6/6/6...

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CAS Product Catalog - 13

OPTION > DEP-50/DLP-50> Large platter/fish tray > Dust protection cover > Blue backlight (LCD only) > RS-232C interface > Client - view pole display RETAIL WEIGHING SOLUTION ™ 13 5 direct PLUs with 200 indirect PLUs Soft touch tact switch with silicon rubber keypad Adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy Various types of display (LCD, VFD, LED) Rechargeable battery operation Silicon rubber keypad ^iiimmi^1 4 direct PLUs memory function Adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy Three high-legible LCD displays with blue backlight Rechargeable battery operation EMBO...

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CAS Product Catalog - 14

Price Computing Scale Daily total sales reporting function Simple and easy ration^ External resolution Display digit6/5/6, 7/5/6 (Total price/Weight/Unit price) Display type Platter Size Price Computing Scale oiml (£ eb Rechargeable battery operated (6V, 4Ah) ^Compact design & Easy-to-use ^RS-232 lnterface ( OPTION > Back rail (only EB-S) ' l" > Printer: DEP-50 (Ticket)/DLP-50 (Label) > Dust protection cover > 6V,10Ah Rechargeable battery(only EB-S) *Approx 500hrs used

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CAS Product Catalog - 15

Label Hyper-small market, food industry label(low climate label) Coating labels : PE, PP, oiled cotton paper, PET, etc. Paper finished labels : Glossy paper, thermal paper, etc. Meat Production, Industrial Barcode Label Printer Label Coating labels : PE, PP, oiled cotton, PET, etc. Paper finished labels : Glossy paper, thermal paper, etc. Product Label Sticker Coating labels : PE, PP, oiled cotton, PET, etc. Paper finished labels : Glossy paper, thermal paper, etc. Entry Ticket, Ribbon Type POS Receipt Ticket Coating labels : PE, PP, oiled cotton paper, PET, etc. Paper finished labels :...

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