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Total Environment Control Premium freshness from field to market.

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Total Environment Control Total freshness from the field. Better flavor to the table. ™ Carrier’s ThinLINE, with integral ™ EverFRESH controlled atmosphere and NatureFRESH™ humidity control, delivers the ultimate in total environment control. Control that protects your most sensitive products with pinpoint temperature, atmosphere, and humidity control. Technology that allows products to be harvested closer to maturity, at higher weight. Products that have a higher sugar content and are juicier and more flavorful on delivery. By specifying ThinLINE with the EverFRESH and NatureFRESH options,...

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NatureFRESH preserves the moisture that nature puts in. Since most perishables contain more water than any other single element and lose moisture during transport, adding NatureFRESH humidity control results in firmer, heavier, juicier, and better-tasting products on delivery. And more profitable outturn. NatureFRESH features a large stainless steel water tank with enhanced capacity through condensate water recovery. An advanced-design atomizer produces precisely controlled water droplets without need for compressed air. NatureFRESH can be set to setpoints from 76% to 95% relative humidity....

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EverFRESH controls the atmosphere inside. Without outside help. To preserve just-picked freshness, specify Carrier’s integral EverFRESH controlled atmosphere (CA) option. The EverFRESH system is fully integrated into the refrigeration. EverFRESH produces its own gas, actively controlling atmosphere in the box with adjustable setpoint controls for both oxygen and carbon dioxide. EverFRESH operates everywhere without special technical support. It provides accurate, reliable operation for the life of the reefer system. And it’s the only system-integrated CA option manufactured by a container...

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ThinLINE. The technology that brings freshness home. Total control starts with Carrier’s industry-leading ThinLINE container refrigeration system. ThinLINE combines optimum cooling capacity and air distribution with unmatched temperature control to provide maximum protection across all operating conditions – ensuring uninterrupted quality control in extreme environments, dockside and at sea. Overall, ThinLINE delivers unsurpassed efficiency and reliability. With precise, intelligent temperature control. All at the lowest life-cycle cost. No expensive accessory equipment or special...

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Need service? Need parts? Need training? You’ll like our response. “Hfp,bhf ct.” “Oui.” “Ja natuurlijk.” “Ytvf ghj,ktv” . “Ya. ” “Tak. ” “Boleh.” “Svakako.” “Sí.” “ “Yfhfdyj.” “Da. ” “Yes. ” “ .” “Ja.” “ .” “Can. ” “Sim.” Top 100 Container Ports “ .” “Lf. ” .” ADVISORY: Controlled atmosphere alone cannot serve as a cure-all for produce shipments. Proper refrigeration and general postharvest care (such as cleaning and precooling) are essential for successful produce shipments. If you are unsure what gas levels are best for a specific product, Carrier Transicold is prepared to assist you with...

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