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Turn to the Experts TM PC Card Adapter Carrier Transicold's PC Card Adapter delivers the MicroLink 3 programming ease to units equipped with MicroLink 2 (ML2) and MicroLink 2i (ML2i) controllers. So, instead of fading into obsolescence, older controllers can now benefit from the convenience of today's ML3. The PC Card Adapter will allow use of ML3 type SRAM cards in loading software and configuration files to the ML2 and ML2i controllers, replacing the older ML2 and ML2i flash memory cards. It can also be used to extract data from units with ML2i controllers using DataBank software. Unique Features s One single SRAM card can hold multiple operation and configuration software sets, reducing the number of cards technicians need to carry s When used with the ML2i, DataCorder data can be downloaded directly to a DataBank card s Highly visible orange cover making it easy to spot s Integral cover protects the external circuit board from damage s Highly durable s Includes PC Adapter, case and instructions To Order Call your regional parts depot. Part number: 76-50141-00 © 2007 Carrier Corporation • Printed in the USA 06/07 • Form 62-11228 Rev. B

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