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NaturaLINE ™ In making history, we’ve created the future.

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Introducing NaturaLINE ™ The world’s first natural refrigerant technology for container refrigeration. The first technology of its kind, the NaturaLINE unit incorporates CO2 in place of conventional synthetic refrigerants to deliver best-in-class sustainability and efficiency. natural It’s the future of container refrigeration – delivered by the Natural Leaders at Carrier. CO2 Equivalent Emission Comparison 132.4 125.9 6.5 125.9 125.9 138.4 CO2 Emissions 5.8 Direct 132.6 Indirect Competitor A Carrier estimates of metrics tons CO2 emissions over 13 years. Full charge released over life....

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The Natural One For container shipping, CO2 is the only refrigerant that meets all of the following criteria: n Global warming potential (GWP) of 1 n Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) Natural Leadership n Excellent heat transfer/heat reclaim properties Carrier has been a pioneer in sustainability from the very beginning. We were among the first companies to launch factory energy reduction goals and we led a worldwide chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) phase-out years before the deadline set by international laws and regulations for developing countries. We have always designed with the environment...

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We’ve revolutionized the transport refrigeration industry again. Naturally. With ongoing concerns about sustainability and the environment, NaturaLINE is the clear choice for the shipping industry. The introduction of natural refrigerant technology comes at an optimal time, with shipping lines under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. The use of synthetic refrigerants in certain applications continues to draw the focus of governments and the environmental community because of their higher GWP. Well ahead of any potential regulations, NaturaLINE technology responds to...

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Innovative. Yet familiar. The NaturaLINE unit includes a number of patented “firsts” for container refrigeration applications. Yet the NaturaLINE unit is as easy and familiar to operate and service as our industry-standard ThinLINE® unit. NaturaLINE means new technology: Multi-Stage Compressor Featuring: n Power consumption equal to our best-in-class performer n Best-in-class carbon footprint NaturaLINE’s design makes use of an exclusive, new multi-stage compressor that maximizes capacity while minimizing power consumption. n No CO2 refrigerant tax Variable-Speed Drive n No intermediate...

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PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS Standard Features: Refrigeration System 1 GWP/Zero ODP R744 (CO2 ) refrigerant High-efficiency evaporator and gas cooler coils Electrostatically coated all-copper gas cooler coil High-efficiency vane-axial evaporator fans Three-phase dual-speed evaporator & gas cooler fan motors Electronic expansion valve Flash tank economizer with flow separator, Al coated for superior corrosion protection ATO (Sprenger)-accepted adjustable fresh-air exchange Electrical System Wired for 380/460 volt 3ph 50/60 Hz power Safe, 24-volt AC control circuit with fuse protection 18m (60...

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