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Turn to the Experts TM Data Recording DataCorder™ Features Carrier’s DataCorder electronic trip data recorder, is integrated with the MicroLink™ 3 controller. All control and recording functions are housed in a single electronic module reducing demand for control box space and simplifying spare parts concerns. Flash memory. Data memory is retained without need for battery backup. With the DataCorder trip data recorder, you can record up to two years of critical trip information and events. Actual duration of stored data is dependent on operating configuration and recording options selected. Data can be downloaded to any laptop, the DataReader™ retreival unit, or via DataBank PC card technology. Using Carrier’s DataLINE™ diagnostic software, analysis and display can be presented in graphic and tabular report format. USDA Cold Treatment Option. Controlling insects in perishable cargo shipped over long distances is becoming increasingly important. Conventional insect-control procedures are time-consuming and expensive. Environmental and health concerns have led to restrictive legislation and, in some cases, strict bans in chemical pesticides. The Carrier DataCorder trip data recorder is USDA-certified to properly record temperature events for pest-control cold treatment. This process uses controlled temperature and time relationships to destroy insect larvae in the cargo. Accurate measurement and recording of cargo pulp temperatures over the required time interval ensure that the process is successful. To accomplish this, the DataCorder USDA provides connections at the side of the reefer system – to plug in up to four remote probes that may be inserted into the cargo at required locations. These probes measure temperatures inside the cargo, and the DataCorder trip data recorder logs those temperatures at intervals of one hour. Real-time clock. Data and time are programmed into DataCorder trip data recorder factory preset at universal time (GMT), and user-changeable. Memory card slot for software. System can be downloaded via DataBank PC card technology. Optional rechargeable power-up battery packs. Unique permanent serial number in memory. Versatile user-configurable operation. USDA-certified.

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Turn to the Experts TM Document up to two years of critical trip information and events with the DataCorder trip data recorder. Recording intervals: 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes selectable. Instantaneous or averaged. Rechargeable batteries are installed into the DataCorder trip data recorder so that temperature data can be recorded even when the system is not connected to external power. This ensures an uninterrupted record of temperature for the entire voyage. At the delivery point, the data is extracted and analyzed using the Carrier Transicold DataBank PC card technology and DataLINE...

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