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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 1

SEPTEMBER 2012 ContainerLINE NaturaLINE TM Update CO2 a Natural Success in Customer Trials Page 2 U.S. EPA Tier 4 Requirements Bring Changes for Generator Sets Page 8

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 2

2 Hailing the King of Cool Innovation On July 17, Carrier employees around the world commemorated the Willis H. Carrier 110th anniversary of the invention of modern air conditioning by Dr. Willis Haviland Carrier. That achievement, of course, gave rise to Carrier Corp., and eventually to Carrier Transicold, now both a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security. No matter where you go in the Carrier world, the innovative spirit of Dr. Carrier continues to this day. And you can read about it in our new book, Weathermakers to the World (visit, chronicling the rich history of...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 3

3 Each trial unit is equipped with GPS and GSM telemetry devices so Carrier Transicold can closely monitor location and performance. When units are within range of GSM services they automatically transmit their status, which Carrier monitors over the Internet. Upon arrival in port, Carrier Transicold field service engineers are there to download full operational reports for every trip. Mark Rogers is Carrier Transicold’s Service Engineering lead on the sea trials program and monitors the NaturaLINE fleet via a special website. “We can see all of the units’ temperatures, setpoints, alarm...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 4

ContainerLINE Summer 2012 4 Turn to the Expert J. Michael Griffin Just as Dr. Willis Carrier’s pioneering invention of modern air conditioning 110 years ago this summer was supported by the engineering and sales functions, developing today’s container refrigeration systems is far from a one-person task. Groups from engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, quality, service, replacement parts and more get engaged in the process of innovation. That team effort is led by Mike Griffin, who, as program manager, has provided a guiding hand in bringing to fruition some of Carrier...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 5

NaturaLINETM Technology Wins Carrier Transicold’s NaturaLINE™ technology won the prestigious 2011 Innovation Award – New Product, in the hotly contested 15th annual IFW Awards program. IFW, a shipping and logistics website owned by Informa Plc., reported that the quality and quantity of entrants for 2011 had surpassed previous years awards programs. Even with extensive competition, Carrier’s natural refrigerant container system stood out in its category. “NaturaLINE technology is one of our most exciting developments in recent years,” said Kartik Kumar, Carrier Transicold Global Container...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 6

ContainerLINE Summer 2012 6 PrimeLINE Units Integral to OPDR’s Efficient Logistics ® Europe-based shortsea shipping specialist Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei (OPDR) celebrates 130 years of operation this year, and it is doing so with a youthful outlook on the future. In recent years, OPDR has evolved its business from a port-to-port shipping service to a door-to-door intermodal logistics provider, offering justin-time/just-in-sequence delivery and pick-up. As part of its strategy, OPDR has also invested in fleet modernization. Part of the Bernhard Schulte Group since 1996,...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 7

Services Charting a Course for One Million Units 7 As this graphic shows, within the first half of this year, Carrier Transicold surpassed the 900,000 mark for container refrigeration units produced since our very first unit rolled out of our factory back in 1968. More broadly, this is another illustration of the rapid growth of the container shipping industry in general, and refrigerated container shipping in particular, over a span less than half a century. Today, 52 percent of world seaborne trade goes by container vessel, and refrigerated containers allow transport of fruits,...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 8

8 U.S. EPA Tier 4 Requirements Bring Changes When it comes to diesel engine emissions, generator sets used with container refrigeration systems have become progressively cleaner over the years, in part driven by increasingly strict regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). In 2013, the U.S. diesel emissions standards, including those covering engines used in transport refrigeration units, change once again, and EPA’s standard applicable to the PowerLINE™ platform’s current engine class will be superseded by a more...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 9

s 9 for Generator Sets while retaining much in common with the existing PowerLINE platform. As with Carrier’s trailer refrigeration technology, system enhancements will significantly improve efficiency and performance – so much so that engine horsepower requirements are reduced. As a result, the generator set engine will fall within the scope of EPA’s Tier 4 emissions standard for nonroad engines rated 8-19 kW. Generator sets with ecoFORWARD technologies will also be significantly more fuel efficient than today’s standard PowerLINE units. Fuel savings will help to offset higher equipment...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 10

10 Keeping Costs Predictable on Consumable Parts Based on the success and popularity of Carrier Transicold’s consumables parts program, the product offering has been continuously expanded over the last several years resulting in the largest selection of consumable items for the container refrigeration industry available from a single supplier. And now for 2012, a new global “net pricing” program has been introduced, providing yet another advantage to make Carrier your first choice for consumables. “The net pricing program covers the most in-demand consumable products and provides...

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ContainerLINE September 2012 issue - 11

Fourfold Recognition In EMEA Region The meeting was located and timed to coincide with the 2011 Intermodal Europe show, where Carrier’s new NaturaLINE™ product design was revealed. Record turnout included representatives from nearly four out of five of the region’s service center operations. “We really value the support they give us,” Bretherton said of the service centers. “The annual meeting is a great opportunity to share new information with them and hear their comments, suggestions and ideas. “These meetings work because the communication goes both ways, and we can take away some good...

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