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The Idal Choice for AH Applications! The Industry Standard for a... New Gn驩ration of Highly Gfficent and Versatile Machines with Unparalleled Standard Features

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15 MODGLS 1" TO 10" ANGL6 CPHV 120-130-140 STANDARD 6QUIPMGNT  LED Digital Displays on ail CPHV Versions Օ Telescoping Modular Multi-Component roll set specifically designed to bend standard profiles inclucling Angle-Channel-Tees Leg-ln/Out, Square/Rectangular Tube as well as other shapes in a variety of material types  Tri-Directional Latթral Guides ^ ^3T with cam rollers for improved Angle Rolling Performance OPTIONS Rolls for tubes, pipes and spcial profiles Tooling for production of half tubes Overhead supports for coil production Compression and Tension tooling for C channel & I beam...

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Custom tooling for spcial sections made in-house for Rapid Turnaround Direct coupled hydraulic motors and planetary speed reducers CPHV90-300 Tension tooling for hard way bending of beams Latral guides used for angle leg-in T驊CHNICALFGATURGS ^ Three driven rolls, smooth surfaced for optimal profile traction and surface finish Double Pinch Geometry permits pre-bending of leading and trailing ends of the profile without removal from the machine ^/ Material guides tri-directionally adjustable ^ in/out f ^ up/down Jj cw/ccw (50-300) J Dual LED Digital Displays monitor bending roll positions...

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