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POWER+ cold plate version - 1

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POWER+ cold plate version - 2

Since 1973, CAREL has been producing electronic control solutions and humidification systems.

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POWER+ cold plate version - 3

From the control of the units to the services for the plants, the needs keep changing and CAREL, with its innovative solutions, is the ideal partner to support your offer.

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POWER+ cold plate version - 4

New efficiency frontier Water loop, variable speed compressors and EEVs work together for you to improve energy efficiency in the food and retail market and to reduce the environmental impact. To increase the efficiency of systems in food retail applications, CAREL has developed, tested and made available an innovative control solution using variable speed compressors controlled by inverter, electronic expansion valves and technological integration between the refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The refrigeration system comprises cabinets each fitted with variable speed BLDC...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 5

Chiller with free cooling coil OEM factory t e s t e d PREFERRED PARTNERS Medium Temp. Cases Water closed loop from 18 to 23°C Reliability • Out of service limited to each independent refrigerated unit • Less dependence on mechanical equipment due to free cooling circuit Easy installation and maintenance • No copper fittings or brazing: all piping is made from plastic • Easy repositioning of cabinets even after installation • The water loop system with cold plate CAREL inverter reduces maintenance • The condensing unit is reduced in size thanks to the cold plate CAREL inverter power+ cold...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 6

CAREL retail sistema Integrated solutions for energy savings in retail Compressor rack solutions pRack pR300 Cutting edge modular solution for compressor racks with energy saving features. pR300T Subcritical and Transcritical CO2 system controller platform evolution. CAREL retail sistema uses the most innovative plant solutions to maximise the energy savings and manage low environmental impact pLoads: the ideal partner for energy supervision and control Chillbooster Evaporative cooling: Boosts condenser and gascooler efficiency. pLoads is the innovative CAREL controller for intelligent...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 7

Energy savings Environmental impact reduction Leading and comprehensive range for roof-top units, air handling units, chillers and heat pumps. Scalable solutions according to application complexity. Evaporative cooling technology. Geothermal technologies. Alarm Management Food quality Show case solutions MPXPRO Control solution for display cabinets, cold rooms and embedded management of Electronic Expansion Valves. EXV sistema Full range of Proportional Expansion Valves both for conventional and CO2 refrigerant. Solid State Relay To be used for rail heaters modulation based on dew point and...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 8

Complete solution for management of multiplexed refrigeration units Continuous modulation now also available for commercial refrigeration at more competitive costs MPXPRO step3 provides the benefits of continuous refrigerant modulation for the same total cost and with the same simple installation as old PWM technology, no longer used in air-conditioning applications for several years now. All without limits, complications or additional components! Smooth Line control. • Energy saving: MPXPRO offers various possibilities for optimising the operation of a showcase or cold room and bringing...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 9

Advanced solutions for CO2 compressor racks Just one platform for managing and scalability to meet all requirements. Booster transcritical CO2 pRack pR300T Cascade subcritical CO2 pRack pR300 pRack is the complete CAREL offering for control and management of centralise compressor racks. The ideal solution for meeting many different market requirements, with features that include : • high number of inputs and outputs for control functions; • innovative per energy saving management algorithms; • compatibility with the main market control standards; • ample integration/supervision options New...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 10

Monitoring system and energy saving logic Refrigeration, air-conditioning and lights integrated into one system, offering better control, more safety and optimised energy consumption. PlantVisorPRO is the CAREL monitoring and supervision system to completely control and optimize the refrigeration and air conditioning plants. It offers an intuitive and customizable user interface to configure and display the status of the plant. PlantVisorPRO guarantees the remote access to all the devices connected through LAN or MODEM connection. The system is available as a complete all-inone solution:...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 11

F.I.T. your style! Food service solutions Flat • Intuitive • Touch The appearance is extremely simple, intuitive and very appealing, developed with a completely flat surface for easy cleaning and much better hygiene. ir33+, ir33+ wide and easy wide, evolutions of the ir33 and powercompact families. These are the ideal solution for showcases, display cases and refrigerated cabinets in the catering, ice cream, patisserie, bar and restaurant markets. The new ir33+ range of controllers fulfils the main needs required of refrigeration controllers: a simple appearance, extremely intuitive yet...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 12

connect • collect • process CAREL has created a new platform of services using the latest technology available on the market and widely used in other applications: the concepts of the internet of things, smart machines, cloud computing, wireless connectivity, smartphone and tablet applications are making inroads into the HVAC/R market in a completely new way. Global market trends are focusing on service proposals, and the servitization process is already underway. In this scenario, customers no longer want an individual product, nor even a system solution, but rather require a complete...

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POWER+ cold plate version - 13

a ready to use connection independent of local infrastructure • Plug&Play solution: SIM card already included • Secure connection: private channel in cellular network (VPN) the new generation controller integrates all tERA services, no external connection box needed • Plug&Play solution: connect through any Internet router, no conguration needed; unique identication number (Tera ID) to easily manage your own devices tService acquires the information with a simple click: minor configuration problems can therefore be resolved directly from the office, wherever you are. For more serious...

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