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refrigeration and retail controllers refrigeration controllers The ideal partner for energy supervision and control pLoads is the innovative CAREL controller for intelligent management of energy consumption; it significantly reduces waste, bringing considerable savings in terms of costs for the end user. Planning of connected loads The controller can be used to program the on and off times for all the loads connected. As well as general time bands (which can be set for each individual load), up to 15 special periods can be configured, representing exceptions to the main schedule. Load cutoff pLoads can cut off the loads based on thresholds set by the user: • consumption threshold (kWh); • power threshold (kW); • apparent power threshold (kVA). CAREL emeter3: • three-phase energy meter • removable display • DIN rail or flush-mounted Multiple energy meter and consumption management The pLoads controller can manage up to 12 power meters in a ModBus network, as well as water or gas meters. *Some types of compatible meters: CAREL emeter3, Gavazzi CPT-DIN, Gavazzi WM14-DIN, Ducati Energia Smart più, IME Nemo 96HD, IME Nemo D4, Electrex FEMTO D4, Socomec.

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Example diagram Modbus® RS485 digital inputs Access Point Product codes Size pLoads compact, built-in display, suitable for controlling up to 4 electrical loads pLoads large, built-in display, suitable for controlling up to 12 electrical loads emeter3, 3PH energy meter without user interface, connection by CT Cost savings Scheduling the loads connected and cutting them off when exceeding consumption or power thresholds. Compatible with most meters available on the market. Can be easily configured by the user thanks to a simple and user-friendly built-in graphic display. Headquarters ITALY...

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