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programmable controllers unit and room terminals much more than a simple terminal

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Design, connectivity and customization, all in one touch pGD Touch terminals are the new line of graphic touch screen displays designed to make the interaction between man and machine simple and intuitive, making navigation easier between the various screens. • Advanced HMI interface • vector graphics • intuitive navigation • application development simplicity • versatility The new pGD Touch line was designed with high level applications in mind, where touch screen technology needs to be combined with a sophisticated design and high connectivity. pGDTouch offers a wide range of versions...

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Great usability and customization with high aesthetic standards In-depth knowledge of HVAC/R applications and years of experience have allowed CAREL to develop an innovative object for applications for both machines and systems, combining technology and aesthetics. Advanced graphics 1tool Touch Editor uses the QT library as a graphics engine. QT is a multi-platform library for the development of programs with a graphic interface through the use of widgets (graphic elements or devices). QT is one of the most widespread standards in the world. The graphic potential offered by the QT engine...

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Application examples Not only a machine terminal but also a device that allows all the system information to be displayed, both locally and remotely. Machine Terminal With the functions offered by the pGD, managing and monitoring HVAC/R units is easy and intuitive. Among the features of the terminal is the ability to view the main units managed by the machine on the graph in real time or in a log and export it in file format using a USB key to create analyze and control the performance, work method, etc. over time. third party devices Area/Gateway Controller The family of graphic terminals...

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Remote Access With ethernet connectivity, the pGD Touch can by installed inside any IP type LAN. The use of standard communication protocols (http, FTP, etc.) and a client/ server architecture allows the use of widespread standard tools to remotely connect with devices such as: Mobile Devices The final user or assistance personnel can easily manage the main functions of the machine/system by remote. Laptops / Desktops For complete programming and monitoring of all functions of the machine or system by the manufacturer or service personnel such as: • software updates; • log downloads; •...

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Quick and easy development thanks to the 1tool Touch Editor With 1Tool Touch Editor, the HMI interface can be quickly and intuitively created, positioning graphic and animated elements along with active elements to display setting the system information, easily and intuitively. Templates For quick creation of new projects using pre-compiled modules. Javascript For creating complex system regulation algorithms. Graphs/Schedulers For viewing, managing and logging the main machine parameters in order to perform system diagnostics and adjustments. For customization of the user interface, CAREL...

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HVAC/R graphic library The true added value With its experience in the market, CAREL is able to offer its customer a vast library of HVAC/R applications. The HVAC/R library is a great added value that 1Tool TE offers compared to other HMI interface development environments capable of responding in a timely manner to the various requirements of the project. The 1tool Touch Editor graphic library includes: • CAREL products (sensors, controls, terminals, ...) • operational machine elements (compressors, fans, pumps, ...); • system elements (humidifiers, fan coils, heat sources, ...). During...

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Terminal table Features Hardware 128 MB 256 MB 65000 4.3" WVGA (16:9) 480 x 272 LED Resistive lithium battery Connectivity RS485 serial ports Ethernet Ports Bacnet MS/TP® on the first serial port Modbus® on the first serial port pLAN on the first serial port Modbus® on the second serial port Web server FTP server for software upgrade Bacnet TCP/IP Bacnet RS485 Modbus® TCP/IP Porta USB Host 2.0 SD Card Software Operating system Multilingual (including Chinese) Programmable fonts Alpha Blending Bold, italics, underline Vector objects Object libraries (thermometers, cursors, ...) Animated...

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