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PGD: the new user intefrace for the pCO sistema series


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PGD: the new user intefrace for the pCO sistema series - 1

pCO sistema controller already installed withoutrequiring extra software tools. > pGD is the new user interface proposed by CARELfor the pCO sistema , complete with graphic LCD display to ensuregreater versatility and customisation capability, while maintaining a high aesthetic standard. When designing this backlit terminal, CAREL focused special attention on the simplicity of programming and the quality of performance:the structure of the pGD allows connection to other keypad modules, which are in turn easily customisable, thus enabling the most complete differentiation of the product, at affordable costs. The 32x120 pixel graphics on the pGD are managed to be able to display graphic symbols of various sizes, as well as the main international alphabets:Latin, Greek, Chinese, Cyrillic as well as the Scandinavian languages. pGD is completely compatible with the software developed for the CAREL 4x20 user interfaces;in fact, it can be connected directly to any >

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