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solutions for air-conditioning units and systems room applications the integrated solution for air handling unit control

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Air handling unit control solutions CAREL: leaders for more than 30 years in control and humidification systems for HVAC/R applications. Innovation, experience and technological development applied to air handling units (AHUs) Integrated air handling unit control solutions based on programmable controllers and a complete range of accessories Air handling unit applications feature a very wide variety of system types, with differing degrees of specificity. CAREL can supply solutions for all installations, whatever their complexity: modular controllers, a wide range of humidifiers and...

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pCO sistema+ The advantages of an integrated solution for air handling unit control, based on programmable controllers and a complete range of accessories User interfaces New I/O chip technology means up to 10 channels can be configured as digital/ analogue inputs or analogue outputs, so as to connect all types of probes and smart actuators for AHUs (inverters, dampers, valves, humidifiers, etc.). A complete range of programmable displays for all performance, price and appearance requirements. The high-tech and attractive touchscreen terminal can be used to create intuitive interfaces with...

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Integrated solutions for Energy Saving Increasingly advanced and complete solutions to meet the demands of manufacturers and installers. Maximum performance and compatibility Temperature and humidity probes Differential pressure transducer CAREL offers a complete range of temperature and humidity sensors for different uses: probes for residential or industrial environments, duct-mounted and immersion, all featuring special care in the design and the possibility of RS485 communication via CAREL and Modbus protocols. Differential pressure transducers use a sensor to provide a voltage or...

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Evaporative Cooling: energy saving and lower system capacity In an AHU, in certain circumstances the supply air can be cooled by humidifying it adiabatically (Direct Evaporative Cooling); the same is also true for the exhaust air, which can be cooled without limits in terms of humidity. This in turn lowers the temperature of the incoming outside air, via a heat exchanger, reducing power consumption and maximum cooling capacity. Electrical panels Carel can supply complete electrical panels for AHU control, integrating the power and control electronics, using high quality components and...

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Standard AHU control application The standard application guarantees maximum adaptability to every type of air handling unit This software solution incorporates all of CAREL’s know how in the management of air handling units. The type of AHU to be controlled is not based on selecting pre-configured units, but rather the actual devices installed on the AHU (ON/OFF or modulating devices: dampers, coils, humidifiers, fans, etc.) and then setting their parameters. The position of each input and output can be chosen, then making changes on site during installation. Configuration is made simple...

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Solutions for connectivity and communication pCO sistema: CAREL’s experience in supervision and integration. Information management as the basis for energy saving Up to 7 communication ports available with the most commonly-used protocols in HVAC/R applications, for complete system management: pLAN, BMS1, BMS2, FieldBus1, FieldBus2, USB host, USB device. pLAN One multi-master RS485 communication port to connect terminals and manage distributed intelligence e-mail e-mail TCP/IP TCP/IP TCP/IP One RS485 BMS port, as standard, also available in the optically-isolated version, configurable with...

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Solutions for system monitoring and supervision Global monitoring A cutting-edge proposal for information management and optimising the performance of complete systems. Reduced maintenance costs and improved customer service, thanks to remote analysis. The ready-to-use solution for your service center: security and flexibility in providing your customers service... with just a few simple clicks! CAREL can propose the best possible system to suit specific needs. The embedded plug&play solution and tailor-made software reduce installation and configuration times. The data are saved in a...

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