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p p p p CO CO CO CO sistema is the result of Carels long experience in the design and manufacturerof programmable controllers for HVACR units. sistema consists of programmable controllers, user interfaces, software development tools, communication interfaces and remote management systems. sistema is powerful yet flexible, and can be easily interfaced with the morewidely used Building Management and proprietary supervisory systems. sistema is a unique ғfamilyof controllers, designed to be reliable, flexible,and provide the functionality required by todayԒs OEM companies. This is why p CO...

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p CO sistema programmable controllers are configured to the specific needs of the customer. The developed software is forward compatible with later versions of the controllers. The p CO p CO sistema includes 3 familiesӔof programmable controllers:the sistema programmable controllers undergo strict automated functional tests of 100% of the components. All the controllers are also subjected to a burn-in process, in order to minimize the percentage of component failures. Thanks to the development tools provided by Carel and the library of standard applications available, the p CO > 2 series,...

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ac/dc built-in The p CO controllers series includes 3 families" of products ( p CO > 2 , p CO > 1 , p CO > B / p CO > C ), allowing the right controller for every application.A complete range of sizes is available, depending on the number and type of the inputs/outputs, the use of the optional built-in terminal, and p LAN network connection(see table at the end).The boards can also use a DC power supply to satisfy special applications. y- used d c, s that the p erature > An important aspect in HVACR is compatibility with supervisory systems. The p CO series controllers interface with the...

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p CO The p CO > 2 series is the top of the p CO sistema range of programmable controllers.These have been designed to satisfy the more complex equipment manufacturers in the industry, who require increasingly innovative and flexible products. All p CO > 2 series controllers feature a 16-bit microprocessor, flash memory (expandableup to 6 Mb) and a real time clock, to ensure greater performance (black box, multi-language, multi-protocol, ). The > 2 series is fitted with plastic enclosures that guarantee high mechanical protection of the board and reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge...

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Thanks to the optional DC/DCpower supply module, the entire range of p CO controllers can bepowered using 48Vdc storage batteries that are typical of telephone applications. The input voltage can range from 21 to 58Vdc, while the output voltage is 241Vdc or 30ѱ1Vdc. DIN rail mounting is made possible by the 4 DIN module plastic enclosure. > All models in the p CO range can be connected, usingan optional RS232 board, to a PSTN or GSM modem, enabling remote control of the various functions. p CO controllers. LAN network,allowing communication with the p CO controllers.Management via p LAN...

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The p CO > 1 series has been designed to provide the significant innovations introducedby the p CO > 2 series for those applications that require greater competitiveness.All p CO p CO > 1 series controllers feature a 16-bit microprocessor, and flash memory expandable up to 2 Mb, (multi-language, multi-protocol, ). The > 1 series controllers are also fitted with plastic enclosures that guaranteehigh mechanical protection of the board and reduce the risk of electrostatic discharges due to incorrect handling;quick DIN rail mounting means faster assembly and wiring. > The p p CO CO > 1...

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All p CO > 1 controllers can be connected without using additionalboards to the p The range of user interfaces that can be used with the p CO LAN local area network, allowing communicationof the data and information. This means that a distributed control system can be created simply and reliably for the optimum management of the installation. p CO series terminalsare available in panel or wall-mounted versions, with LED, alphanumeric and graphic LCD displays, allowing the messages to also be shown in Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese ... > 1 guarantees the OEM the perfect solution for...

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From the p CO > B to the p CO > C , to safeguard your investments.In the early 1990s Carel launched the p CO p CO > B programmable controller, full of theinnovative technology that made it a success among the leading air-conditioning and refrigeration OEMs throughout the industry. Today, almost 10 years later, the > B is the most commonly used programmablecontroller in HVACR units because of its proven reliability and excellent price/performance ratio.When developing and designing its new 16-bit programmable controllers, Carel paidspecial attention to those customers who had chosen...

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Maximum Flash memory capacity6M6M6M2M2M1MReal time clock BUS expansion Programming key Built-in display LED indicators I/O expansion Multi-language Black Box Carel compatible Metasys > compatibleModbus > ή compatibleLonWorks > compatibleBacnet > Ι compatibleTCP-IP compatible pLAN Modem ready GSM modem ready SMS ready Maximum number of analogue inputs5810688PT1000 inputs224 010Vdc inputs366 01Vdc inputs366444 4緷20mA o 020mA inputs366444 NTC inputs5810688 05 Vdc ratiometric inputs44 AIN setting by software AIN setting by dip-switchMaximum number of digital inputs814188141224Vac/Vdc...

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p CO ), which based on the information received from the other zone terminals, decides theoperating logic.Aria can also manage local dampers for effective zone-by-zone control. LAN serial network for all versions of the p CO series controllers.In this configuration,the instrument measures the temperature and humidity of the room, sends this information by serial line to the machines controller ( Aria is a terminal designed for room installation, featuring a temperature sensor and an optional humidity sensor. Aria can be connected to the p > for further information +302240301 p CO...

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