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The new generation of air-conditioning controllers


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The new generation of air-conditioning controllers - 1

CAREL,a leader in the sector of chiller and heat pump control,is planning to upgrade its controllers and offer its customers new technologies and increasingly evolved software at increasingly competitive prices. For this reason, a new controller has joined the wide rangeof CARELs air-conditioning solutions:new ҵ C C յ C > 2 ,characterisedby a modern ergonometric display with a high degree of efficiency, and by an innovative local network (tLAN) that interacts with the new generation driver for the electronic expansion valve and with the expansion board (for the second circuit), completely re-designed for the DIN rail. The current > 2 can manage up to 4 hermetic and 2 semi-hermeticcompressors for a total of 2 circuits, with the possibility to manage one electronic expansion valve per circuit. The new technologically advanced functions, like the EEV management, the smart defrost and the buffer tank suppression, reduce energy consumption and the production costs of the OEMs. The new optional clock board allows management of time bands and other innovative functions such as low noise operation mode and data logging. > 2 is available in both panel and DIN rail versions.It allows easy connection solutions and gives the opportunity to use the new technology of the ratiometric pressure transducers, with the advantages of improved performance and cost savings. The serial interface board, completely re-designed and featuring smaller dimensions and reduced costs, allows a simple and rapid installation even after the control had been installed. Finally, thanks to the integrated Modbus > protocol, it is possibleto connect ε C > 2 with the most widespread BMS systems. >

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The new generation of air-conditioning controllers - 2

mute Sel Prg mute Sel RS485 EV driverExpansion board EV driver EV driver CAREL reserves the right to modify or change its products without prior notice ESP EV driver 33 pressureprobeKey/SPV temperatureprobedigitalinput cond. probeoutlet probeinlet probe P low press.multi funct.multi funct.high press.remote ON/OFF RS485option compx100 mute SelPRG LineLN To serial linkTo program key ExpansionboardEV Driver CAREL S.p.A.2003 all rights reserved

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