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...working team ! for Refrigeration >

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The > mpx series controls are the most complete andpowerful range of electronic instruments for the regulation of multiplexed refrigeration units or systems made up of groups of units which require co-ordinatedӔoperation.The > mpx is innovative, in that it offers:? advanced electronic technology ? excellent performance in the regulation of the refrigerated unit ? refined design >

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it reduces the final cost of the product as it reduces storage costs(less codes managed) and simplifies the various production phases, in particular: ? the assembly and electrical wiring? the setting of the operating parameters ? the final testing of the refrigerated unitThe extraordinary power andversatility of the mpx electronictechnology fully satisfies the end user, ensuring:? defrosts at set times controlled by an internal battery-poweredclock (RTC)? control of systems made up of groups of six equivalent units,thanks to mpx LAN , as well as multiplexed units? compliance with relative...

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The internal clock (RTC) in theMASTER models allows the Rapid and reliable connections provide a level of certainty and efficiency whichhelps the manufacturer in the standardisation and construction of theelectrical panel.The mpx Carel has always paid great attention to the safety and reliability of its products.The to perform defrosts at set hours.Distributing power consumption over the entire day provides even greater reductions in running costs! One single instrument with the RTC option can synchronise the hour functions of a group of six mpx can thus beinstalled during the final...

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The European standard EN441-13 defines the criteria for measuring the temperature in refrigerationunits.In particular, it prescribes the characteristicsof the measuring equipment in terms of accuracy, resolution, measurement interval and time constant.Furthermore, it gives precise indicationson the positioning of the temperature probe, which must allow the display of the Hot pointӔ(which does not normally coincide with the regulatedtemperature).The > The HACCPprocedures aim toensure that food products are correctly stored until reaching the consumer.The > mpx series fully satisfies the...

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Via dellIndustria, 11 35020 Brugine (PD) Italy - Tel.(+39) 0499 716611 - Fax (+39) 0499 716600+0302238231 rel.1.0 del 01.10.99 CAREL srl >

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