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humiDisk - the right freshness - 2

very small water tank, just 55 ml (0.12lb), which is emptied at the end of each cycle; very frequent changing of the water, meaning that fresh water is always atomised;washing procedure at the start of each cycle (only with humiDisk > 65 plus CAREL electrical panel). > high atomisation capacity, up to 6.5 kg/h (14.3 lb/h);works with mains drinking water and demineralised water; antifreeze heater that allows operation down to -2 հC (only with humiDisk > 65 , optional);low power consumption: around 34 W per kg/h of output. >

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cold rooms, stores and maturing rooms for produce such as fruit and vegetables, wine cellars (barrel rooms), where low humidity would cause a loss in weight and spoil the products; The simple and low-cost mechanical humidistat can be connected directly to one or more humiDisk units (up to 10 in parallel for the humiDisk paper and printing industries , where the correct level of humidity needs to be maintained in order to avoid alterations in the size of the paper, electrostatic discharges and keep dust levels down; textile industries , where the right humidity reduces the breakage of the...

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codedescriptionnotes EUUC0100D000centrifugal water spray humidier - 1.0 kg/h - 230V 50HzUSAUC01001010centrifugal water spray humidier - 1.2 kg/h - 110V 60Hz EUUC0650D000centrifugal water spray humidier - 6.5 kg/h - 230 V 50 Hz USAUC06501010centrifugal water spray humidier - 6.5 kg/h - 110 V 60 Hz EUUC0650D100centrifugal water spray humidier - 6.5 kg/h - with antifreeze heater 230 V 50 Hz +302240431 - 2.0 - 15.05.2007 CAREL S.p.A. 2007 all rights reserved CAREL reserves the right to modify the features of its products without prior notice. codedescriptionnotes EU/USAUC10KSSP00wall-mounting...

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