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ChillBooster - 1

High Efficiency Solutions. ChillBooster Booster for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications

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ChillBooster - 2

ChillBooster: evaporative cooling Evaporative cooler that works by atomising water into very fine droplets. The droplets evaporate spontaneously, removing heat from the air, which is thus humidified and cooled. The unit uses a paddle pump to pressurise the water, which is then atomised through special spray nozzles. ChillBooster is an evaporative cooler used to increase the efficiency of chillers and drycoolers, as well as other appliances. ChillBooster cools the air before it comes into contact with the coil, thus lowering average condensing pressure. ChillBooster atomises water into very...

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ChillBooster - 3

Example diagram for a chiller or drycooler 1 2 modular stainless steel manifolds; spray nozzles distribution system mechanical drain valve connection hoses and metal fittings pumping unit, ON/OFF control Water inlet OVERVIEW DRAWING ChillBooster ACKNR*: nozzles ACKR*: push-in tting ACKT0*: manifold ACKRT*: “T“ connector pRack: electronic controller (optional) ChillBooster ACKT*: corrugated hose WTS*: water from reverse osmosis ECKDMV*: mechanical drain valve ACKF*: water lter Ideal when combined with a chiller for air-conditioning spaces such as offices, apartments and homes. For...

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ChillBooster - 4

Flow-rate (l/h) Power consumption Cabinet temperature Temperature-operated drain valve connection Electrical specications Certication UV lamp duration (optional) Ingress protection ChillBooster table End-of-line valve M1/2” GAS brass mechanical drain valve for draining water due to unit inactivity . Water fill Connection Pressure (min.-max.) Water drain Connection Feedwater * Type Electrical conductivity Total hardness AISI304 stainless steel manifolds, Ø20 mm, with threaded holes for nozzles; available with 7 holes (1052 mm), 13 holes (1964 mm) or 19 holes (2876 m). drinkable and...

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