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at the service of man and the environment since 1945 The Caprari group is a leading manufacturer on an international level in the production of centrifugal pumps and electric pumps and in the creation of advanced solutions for management of the integrated water cycle. Founded in 1945 by Amadio Caprari, the company has continually expanded and diversified its business, to respond with innovative products and services to the specific and changing needs of the world of water with a view to an increasingly closer and more specialized partnership with its cu-singly customers. Thanks to its...

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Water Collection and Distribution Boosting and Distribution of surface water Wastewater Transport and Treatment Pump Control Technology

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Water Collection and Distribution

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product range - 7

Electric stainless radial borehole pumps High-efficiency multistage electric borehole pumps available in a wide range so as to perfectly suit whatever duty point may be required. Compact and stainless, they combine power and reliability owing to their pioneering type of construction (two exclusive patents) and the quality of the materials used to make them. They are designed to withstand galvanic corrosion thanks to the DEFENDER® passivating system. The EASY-CHECK disassembly system allows them to be easily serviced. Machines conform to 2009/125/EC Directive (EcoDesign - ErP). technical...

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product range - 8

Electric stainless radial borehole pumps technical specifications Capacity up to The E6VX series electric borehole pumps in stamped and welded stainless steel cover the segment of the market who requires stainless steel but not for aggressive and critical environments. Regarding to our competitors’ pumps, the E6VX series is the only one with a canned construction to be equipped with DEFENDER® protector, which is covered by a Caprari international patent: the result is a sturdier construction as well as greater resistance to electrochemical corrosion and galvanic currents thanks to the...

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product range - 9

Electric radial borehole pumps Electric 8” and 10” radial borehole pumps able to reach high heads. Thanks to the limited axial dimensions of the wet-end these machines feature a high number of stages with limited length so as to make them compact and reliable. Very solid machines, designed to last and to always ensure peak performance and efficiency under heavy duty conditions of use at great depths of installation and extremely high heads. technical specifications Capacity up to Electric mixed flow borehole pumps technical specifications Thanks to a computerized design and the most...

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product range - 10

technical specifications Electric mixed flow borehole pumps coupled with asynchronous borehole motors at 2.900 and 1.450 rpm. Tried and tested machines whose ideal use is for lifting medium flows and medium heads. These pumps are installed in wells all over the world with unanimous satisfaction of the users. Sturdy construction of cast iron, bronze or stainless steel with impellers locked on the stainless steel shaft. Their design makes them especially suited for lifting water containing sand. Electric mixed flow borehole pumps [US.g.p.m.] [l/min] Electric mixed flow borehole pumps...

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product range - 11

Submersible Motors Rewindable submersible single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors expressly designed for use with “E” Serie Pumps. Made in 2 poles, water filled. NEMA standards for 4”. technical specifications Poles technical specifications Poles Submersible Motors The new generation of submersible motors stands out for innovation, technology and uniqueness. A result achieved through a steady research, with the application of the most modern methods of design integrated with the most advanced production technologies. These submersible motors guarantee very high performances,...

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product range - 12

Submersible Motors Rewindable submersible threephase asynchronous motors expressly designed for use with “E” Series pumps. Made both in 2 and 4 poles, water filled NEMA standards for 8” flanged connection. A careful study of the supports and thrust-bearing devices, using the finest materials available, is an assurance of greater reliability over time. An exclusive electrical project combined with a series of specific precautions, dictated by profound experience in the field, provide incomparable operating efficiency in both deep wells and in industrial use or water supply. Available in...

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product range - 13

BOOSTER SETS Booster sets for electric borehole pumps made of stainless steel or galvanized steel for horizontal or vertical installations, well suited not only to new systems but also to existing pipelines. Caprari’s experience in making electric borehole pumps for every field of application has been applied to these niche installations and is the best guarantee for an optimal solution in terms of reliability, efficiency and costeffective system operation. A peculiar feature of the installation of electric borehole pumps in booster sets is their silent operation. This solution is therefore...

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product range - 14

Vertical turbine pumps Vertical lineshaft pumps with submerged pump bowl, lineshaft and drive unit on the surface, for installation in deep wells or tanks. Featuring an extremely solid and reliable construction design, they ensure great application flexibility. The technical characteristics and broad range of versions make this series ideal for pumping services in the sectors of water supply, industry, private and consortium irrigation and in fire-fighting systems. These machines can be controlled both by electric motors and by diesel engines and they ensure unequalled service efficiency....

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Boosting and Distribution of surface water

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product range - 16

Horizontal monobloc centrifugal electric pumps technical specifications Capacity up to Monobloc centrifugal electric pumps with horizontal shaft, single stage with adjustable packing or mechanical seal. Made of a sturdy cast iron structure, they are coupled with 2-pole threephase asynchronous electric motors. Ideal for air-conditioning and cooling tower, water circulation, vessel supply, booster and irrigation systems. Machines conform to 2009/125/EC Directive (EcoDesign - ErP). Vertical multistage electric pumps technical specifications The new range of vertical multistage pumps CVX series...

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