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Vertical diecasting machine


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Vertical diecasting machine - 1

VerticAL is the new development of the vertical technology for the pressure die‐casting of aluminium alloys. This new type of vertical machines (VerticAL) have been engineered starting from “classic” ERGOS – TCS Division – machines. The VerticAL is a multi‐dies (3 complete identical dies are installed at the same time) innovative machine that, thanks to a special break down of the cycle phases, allows a consistent cycle time reduction. Dedicated stations are foreseen for the loading and unloading operations so that they can be made in “hidden time”. Target products of this machine are parts (i.e. for automotive) with a metallic insert and the possibility to be injected from the center. 1. Easy positioning of inserts thanks to horizontal platen Max closing force Container diameter Max Al quantity inside the container Max Rotor external Ø Cycle time piece to piece (solidification time less than 8 sec) 2. Easy process automation—no manual loading/unloading operation 3. Cycle time lower than other well known technologies (e.g. horizontal die‐ casting) 4. Constant part quality and machine high productivity

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Vertical diecasting machine - 2

Cannon Ergos can collaborate with the customer to design and manufacture the moulds in order to test with a “hot cycle” the complete installation checking its performance in obtaining parts of high quality and according to customer’s specification. VerticAL 5000 - PR15 Cannon Communication 05/2013 - MB/ED

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