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Preformers - 1

Preformers Cannon has supplied several preformers to mold carbon fiber and fiberglass before injection of polyurethane or epoxy. The preformer is necessary in case of a high volume production environment and where the part has complex 3D geometries to improve part quality and to reduce the formation of wrinkles and folds. The preformer can handle over seven layers of different products and also provides a high degree of flexibility with the different part sizes, shapes, and "draw" requirement with its "hold/slip" frame. The hold/slip frame allows the manufacturer to adjust the tension of the fabric to determine how much slip or stretch will occur to optimize the part shape. Carbon fiber mats can be held with servo controlled grippers that can be programmed to follow the edge of the stack (multi‐layer material) during forming. Cannon equipment preforms fiberglass and carbon fiber in production and the lab environment. EXAMPLE OF A PREFORMER DATA SHEET Material width TRANSFER HEATING FEED Platen dimensions PREFORMING PRESS

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Preformers - 2

Horizontal (Infrared or contact plates) Oven PREFORMER - PR16 Cannon Communication 09/20

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