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Cannon Viking is the world leader in the manufacture and supply of machinery and technology for the production of polyurethane foam blocks, with more than 850 machines operating in over 130 countries worldwide. Cannon Viking offer a large variety of solutions to suit all foam block and furniture producers, from single block machinery through to the range of continuous foam block production plants with the latest generation of computer controls, high pressuring chemical metering and foam liquid laydown technologies. We can supply a complete turn key solution with the foaming plant, chemical...

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CANNON VIKING HISTORY Cannon Viking was initially formed as Viking Engineering in 1956. Since this date the company has been an integral part of the development and the evolution of the polyurethane foam industry worldwide. Our name is synonymous with high quality, efficient, and modern machinery and we continue to produce machinery of the highest standard today at our factory in Manchester, UK. In 1989 Viking became part of the Cannon Group, the world leaders in polyurethane processing technologies. As pioneers in the industry we have overseen the development of the latest generation of...

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Maxfoam Range Cannon Viking prides itself by offering customers industry leading flexibility for their Maxfoam machine design. To satisfy this requirement, each new project begins a with dedicated assessment to determine the most suitable machine specification. Cannon Viking offer two models of Maxfoam Slabstock Foam Equipment: the Maxfoam and the Maxfoam Elite. Every machine is custom built and comes with a complete range of optional upgrades to satisfy every customer need and requirement. The Maxfoam The Cannon Viking Maxfoam equipment is in operation in more than 500 companies worldwide...

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The Maxfoam Elite The Maxfoam Elite is particularly popular for customers looking to produce high end technical foams. It combines all of the advantages from Maxfoam process with added benefit of incorporating Liquid Laydown production with either partial high pressure or full high pressure metering units giving the customer the ultimate slabstock foam production machine. Maxfoam Elite Liquid Laydown Production Liquid Laydown production is a process which gives an even higher quality foam block by reducing the number of pinholes by introducing the chemical mix through direct foam laydown...

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OMEGA 4.0 Computer Controls Omega 4.0 Pro The Omega computer controls for foam plants has now become an integral feature for many foam producers around the world. Cannon Viking first introduced the Omega control and monitoring system in the early 1990's and we have since developed and innovated the system to become market leading computer control system for the production of continuous slabstock foam. The latest generation of Omega 4.0 Controls is modern, comprehensive and has been inspired by Industry 4.0. The latest generation of the Omega 4.0 Control System is in successful operation...

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Machine Specification Machine Machine Output Production Foam Block Foam Density Operating Speed Dimensions Range Pressure Eco-Slab Machine Specification Machine Length Max 1.4 M High 13-50 Kg/m³ 1.3-2.2 M Wide Max 1.4 M High 13-80 Kg/m³ 1.3-2.2 M Wide Max 1.4 M High 13-100 Kg/m³ 1.3-2.2 M Wide* Partial High/High Max 1.4 M High 13-80 Kg/m³ 1.3-2.2 M Wide Max 1.4 M High 13-100 Kg/m³ 1.3-2.2 M Wide* Partial High/High *Please Note that with the Maxfoam Elite range Cannon Viking also offer the option of a Machine foaming widths of 1.5 – 2.5 M wide on customer request. Foam Production Types The...

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Maxfoam Efficiency The efficiency of foam plant has become a vital requirement in a time when the cost of chemicals are ever increasing. The overall financial saving which can be obtained by producing flexible foam block on a Cannon Viking Maxfoam plant can easily exceed 10% when compared to a conventional slabstock machines due to:  Industry leading design and build quality  Omega 4.0 computer controls and plant monitoring system  Bespoke chemical metering system with high precision Mass Flow Meters included as standard on TDI, Methylene Chloride and Water  Chemical laydown design...

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LLM - Liquid Laydown Unit This equipment is supplied to enable production of higher quality foam blocks with less pinholes and air bubbles. The equipment can be supplied as an option with new Maxfoam and Maxfoam Elite plants. These foam plants are normally supplied with partial or full high pressure metering units to deliver optimum foam quality. Conveyorised Sidewalls To further improve the foam block shape and reduce skin waste, the Maxfoam plant can be supplied with conveyorized driven sidewalls. This equipment is particularly suited to high density and soft foams like HR and Visco...

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CarDio™ System The Cannon Viking CarDio™ System CarDio™ is the patented process of the Cannon Group for producing low density polyurethane foam foams on either Conventional, Eco-Slab, Maxfoam / Maxfoam Elite or Varimax continuous slabstock plants, using liquid Carbon Dioxide (C02) as the blowing agent. The Cannon Group was the first company to develop and install this technology on a full production machine, based on existing Maxfoam technology, over 25 years ago. To date over eighty individual CarDio™ installations have been supplied worldwide. Why use Carbon Dioxide? The reason for...

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Service and Support Cannon Viking has a team of fully trained Technical Service Engineers with a combined technical experience of more than 200 years in the polyurethane machine operation and foam manufacture. These services are available around the clock and spare parts requests which the Company receives are treated with great urgency and effectiveness. We stock all key spare parts for all our foam block machinery and offer competitive prices with fast delivery. All the Cannon Viking Machines carry a full guarantee of satisfactory operation. Testing at Cannon Viking is thorough and the...

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