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InterWet - Internal Wetting Long Fibre


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InterWet – Internal Wetting Long Fibre (LFI) InterWet LFI is the Cannon Technology for manufacturing exterior parts in composite material. The Internal-Wetting process consists in an internal co-injection of polyurethane formulations with a large variety of fillers, mostly chopped glass fibre. This process allows the manufacture of products variable thickness and fibre content within the part, increased rigidity by moulded-in ribs and any type of fixation thanks to over moulded inserts. MAIN APPLICATIONS • • • • • • • Trucks, Bus, Caravan Agricultural Machines Heavy Vehicle Car components Manholes Railway trawlers Cabinets PROCESS The core of the InterWet (LFI) technology is the mixing head (Cannon Patent FPL InterWet30®), which is able to properly wet the reinforcement long fibre by the well mixed Polyurethane material. Here a chopper cuts the glass fibre rovings and feed the fibre through a vacuum system directly inside the self-cleaning mixing head where it is mixed and wetted with PU. The final mixture is then poured onto an open mould following a pre-set path and pressed until polymerization

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ONE STOP SHOP Cannon is the only supplier of complete production lines including: • • • • • • • • Mould Thermoforming machine In mould coating equipment Dosing unit Mixing head Press Handling equipment Trimming/cutting cell Footprint dimensions: 22 x 7 h 7,7 m (considering 1 m foundation pit) Full support in development Global partner (more than 40 Countries) Dedicated Composite Team (competent in all composite production technologies) State of the Art Solution Flexi

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