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High Pressure Metering Machines for Polyurethanes A-System


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Automotive Interiors & ExteriorsAutomotive Interiors & Exteriors Refrigerator InsulationRefrigerator Insulation Panel InsulationPanel Insulation Rigid, Flexible & Integral Foams for FurnitureRigid, Flexible & Integral Foams for FurnitureBuilding & Piping InsulationBuilding & Piping Insulation Technical ComponentsTechnical Components > POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGY size="-1">

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High Pressure Metering Machines for Polyurethanes A-System - 2

Modularity, Flexibility and High Performance are the Cannon Policy > Sandwich Insulated Panels for Building Applications (Courtesy of Lattonedil). The Cannon Group has achieved market success through a total commitment to product quality, reliability, service and value. This approach have helped manufacturers with their constant need to balance productivity, profitability and systems integration and innovation, whilst making cost savings to maintain their competitiveness.Forty years of experience in the mixing, metering and foaming of polyurethanes, more than At present, machine...

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High Pressure Metering Machines for Polyurethanes A-System - 3

tr.row {} td.cell {} div.block {} div.paragraph {} .font0 { font:7.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font1 { font:8.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGY Special modules are also available for the affordable, quick, safe and efficient conversion to pentanes of existing foaming systems. Flexible Paddings for Furniture (Courtesy of B&B Italia). A-System Servo Equipped with frequency inverters, this model is supplied complete with a "closed loop" control of the component's metering. Set values are constantly compared with those measured in real time. Whenever deviations beyond the...

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High Pressure Metering Machines for Polyurethanes A-System - 4

Metering Module Controls & Operator Interfaces high-pressureaxial-piston pumps Taking into account the required outputs, the features of the chemical components and the need to precisely meter them, Cannon always equips its machines with able to process the widest range of formulations.In particular, Cannon developed a complete series of high-pressure pumps with > fixed and variable output > which represent a real and valid alternative to the models commonly available on the market, offering intrinsic reliability, metering accuracy and efficiency. Storage Module Temperature Control System...

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High Pressure Metering Machines for Polyurethanes A-System - 5

POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGY Nevertheless, depending on level of requested controls, different enhanced DataVisualization Interfaces can be applied (text or graphic panels). Based on high precision transducers - gathering the relevant values - and on special software developed by Cannon - integrated with the PLC -, the visualization system displays in real time, the most significant data such as: component outputs, ratios and shot weights, temperature and pressure.During long shutdown periods or when the normal production cycle is in temporary standby, to prevent sedimentation in the tanks,...

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High Pressure Metering Machines for Polyurethanes A-System - 7

POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGY Integrated solutions for the automatic mixing-head handling based on Cartesian or anthropomorphic robots are also available to offer increased flexibility, ensuring higher productivity with extreme accuracy and repeatability.Cannon Cartesian handling systems are driven by an easy interface for the simple setting of all the production parameters, such as pouring patterns and for setting speed and acceleration ramps at the beginning and at the end of the patterns for obtaining accurate overlapping.Customer satisfaction is the mainstay of Cannon's business philosophy as...

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