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Life science Industry

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Life Science MARKET TRENDS IN THE LIFE SCIENCE INDUSTRY Camfil is a world leader in clean air technology and air filter production. Our organization is a specialist in the field of air filtration solutions. We are focused on research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and marketing of air filtration products solutions and services on a global basis. The Camfil group of companies is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of air filters with currently 25 manufacturing facilities and plans to invest in more production units around the globe as our customer base continues...

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SUSTAINABILITY ENERGY SAVINGS ENERGY IMPACT THE COST OF VENTILATION It is well known that building ventilation costs are significant. The “typical” energy cost of filters as a percentage of the total system is approximately 30%. According to the US EPA Agency, sustainable buildings shall reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by: • Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources • Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation Energy efficiency becomes a...

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Life Science AIR FILTRATION INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS HVAC AIR FILTER STANDARDS The filtration industry is inundated with multiple filtration standards to classify, identify, and evaluate various performance characteristics of an air filter. In the USA, the organization known as ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, efrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) was founded in 1894 and is currently an international organization of 50,000 persons. ASHRAE has published a laboratory filtration performance standard for testing air filters since 1968 and all have been accredited by the American...

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Life Science ENGINEERING TOOLS CLEAN SOFTWARE CREO SOFTWARE Before we developed CREO, the original cleanroom design software CLEAN was developed in the early 1990’s and is still a useful software utilized today. The Clean Room and Energy Optimization software enables the user to create a customized clean room application. The software allows the user to calculate the Life Cycle Cost and cleanliness class for different Clean room designs. The software is perfect for a simple quick overview to calculate the desired cleanroom class and recovery time. Different Cleanroom configurations can be...

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Life Science PHARMASEAL FOR PRODUCTIVITY AND COMPLIANCE VORTEL AIR DIFFUSER: A revolutionary new air diffuser specifically designed for cleanroom applications. The Vortel diffuser is delivered as standard with the Pharmaseal housing. PHARMASEAL: Room side replaceable all welded terminal housing designed specifically for use in the Life Science Industry LONG TERM SECURITY: Pharmaseal is a fully welded terminal housing that is pressure tested to 750 PA (3”WG) as standard in addition to all penetrations through the housings having a visual soap bubble test on the welds selds REDUCTION OF...

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Life Science MINI ENVIRONMENTS RABS (Restricted Access Barrier system): A barrier system with a rigid wall enclosure, undirectional airflow providing an ISO 5 environment, glove ports with sterilizable (preferably sterilizable-in-place or CIP) surfaces, and are typically surrounded by an ISO 7 or lower environment. Three types of RABs exist: Active Passive Closed RABS are not airtight and are not sterilizable using vaporized hydrogen peroxide like isolators. c.RABS can operate as “doors closed” for processing with very low risk of contamination similar to isolators, or permit rare “open...

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YOU CAN COUNT ON CAMFIL PRODUCTS... Camfil – Clean Air Solutions Camfil – Clean Air Solutions Camfil – Clean Air Solutions Camfil – Clean Air Solutions

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ASEPTIC PROCESSING FACILITY SUPPLY, EXHAUST & RECIRCULATING AIR Unidirectional Ventilation Turbulent Ventilation Plenum Megalam Wash Prep WM Pharmaseal Hygienic Change EcoPleat Absolute Aseptic Filling Sterilizer Prep Pharmatain Absolute Farr 30/30 Pharmaseal Megalam Pharmatain Absolute WM Pharmaseal HC Farr 30/30 Absolute WM Pharmaseal Ecopleat Absolute Pharmaseal Megalam Turbulent Ventilation Airlock/ Gowning Area Compression Suite Compaction/Milling Suite Down Flow Booth CamSafe Absolute Fast Frame Camfil – Clean Air Solutions Camfil – Clean Air Solutions WM Pharmaseal Test Shroud...

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HIGH TEMPERATURE FILTERS These filters are used in ovens and tunnels designed for use in the Life Science and Microelectronics industries. This equipment may be performing sterilization and depyrogenation of instruments or glassware (vials) in Life Science and die-bond curing or other semiconductor packaging processes. Applications can range in temperature from 212º to 752º F (100º to 400º C) and require ramprates (burn-in) from steady state to as much as 60º F + per minute (15º C/min). These variations create tremendous stress and challenge to the filter’s construction and therefore filter...

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Life Science HEPA/ULPA APPLICATIONS Hepa filters are used in a wide variety of applications, different components are utilized in the filters construction as well as the test methods employed to optimize the filters life while still delivering the desired filter efficiency. must be resistant to a wide range of cleaning and decon agents as well as the test aerosol used periodically during the filters working life. HEPA FILTERS Camfil’s Megalam & Absolute brands are specified daily and chosen by our customers worldwide for the most critical applications, these filters are used to protect the...

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Life Science CONTAINING YOUR PROCESS BIOSAFETY & CONTAINMENT CONTAINMENT IN LIFE SCIENCE APPLICATIONS: A methodology for Performance based control banding of specific compounds was first developed in the late 1980’s by a pharmaceutical industry safety group which included companies then named as Merck & Co, Abbott Labs, Syntex, Eli Lilly & Upjohn. The banding system adopted was essentially based on the Bio-Safety levels BSL-1-BLS-4. It became known as the ‘Merck model’ published in AIHA Journal in 1996. There has been different terminology used, the high potency of some pharmaceutical...

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