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Food processing industry

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food processing industry C a m f i l Far r Application brochure Fo o d p ro cessing industr y C a m f i l Far r – clean air solutions

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fo o d proce ssing industr y human health Microscopic causes ... Food hygiene and safety Outdoor air carries 200 to 1500 bacteria per m3. An air-conditioning system with a capacity of 10,000 m3/h therefore takes in 2 to 15 million bacteria each hour! Protecting human health is a major con- Fungal spores: 1 to 10 mm Bacteria: 0.2 to 10 mm Viruses: 1/100 to 1/1000 of micron Visible range: air 100 mm and pollen H 10 mm cern for the governments of the European Community of 14 June 1989). In France, for instance, whenever public health is threatened by a serious danger, the National Agency for...

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Advantages of ABS and non corrosive components Camfil Farr 30x30 Ecopleat Green Available in every size in 50 and 98 mm depth. Ultra compact when F6 or F7 are required. Design to upgrade G4 panel filter. 100% incinerable. High mechanical strength. Rigid, water resistant cardboard frame. Unique tapered radial pleat design. Fully supported media bonded onto a wire support grid. Bonded into case to eliminate air by-pass. OPAKFIL Green Corrosion free. Up to 5000 m3/h in accordance with European Standard EN 779:2002 in 595x595x292 format. F6 to H11. Easy to handle with its new handles. Opakfil...

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sensitive area CAMFIL FARR STAINLESS SOFILAIR GREEN SERVICE LIFE STEEL CASINGS Savings can be made by providing good protection for HEPA final filtration. 3 to 6 months is the service life of an HEPA filter in direct contact with the outside air. Good combined F7, F8 filtration makes a service life of 5 years possible. Very high efficiency at a high flow rate with absolute safety Certified efficiency in accordance with OPAKFIL Green HEPA European Standard EN 1822. Tested on leaving HEPA filters Highly flexible Total traceability Individual serial number. Modular system ready for Easier...

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ultrasensitive area Efficiency test Perfect construction overall, MPPS. MEGALAM e-PTFE Individually packaged in a plastic bag in clean room. “100% tap” enabling an operator to measure the loss of pressure of the terminal ­ilters and f Total traceability Camfil Farr together with our ­ artners, has p • Individual serial number. • Individual test certificate. • “Three-section label” to make your document management easier. s ­ ucceeded in developing advanced membrane access to the terminal filters enables accurate checking of the integrity of the filters and the absence of assembly leakages....

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Hi-Flo Green Ecopleat Green Opakfil Green INNERT AREA SENSITIVE AREA Exper tise & Service 7 Sofilair Green Camfil Farr helps customers understand Air Quality thanks to in situ air samples which can be tested at our ­nternational lab. According to Food Industry Customers needs and internal audits, i Camfil Farr propose the most suitable Air Filtration Solution. Camfil Farr understands that filtration is required for legislative compliance but is also an investment that should be protected. Camfil Farr have their own site teams that supply and install. This ensures ­ilters are fitted...

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Stainless steel casings or a personalised selection F service please contact us. food processing industr y ULTRA-SENSITIVE AREA (Class 1001 – 1 0001) Service life Savings can be made by providing GOOD PROTECTION for HEPA final filtration. 3 to 6 months is the service life of an HEPA filter in direct contact with the outside air. Good combined F7, F8 filtration makes a service life of 5 years possible. If you have smell problems! Camfil Farr have a full range of carbon products for unlike smell/odours/gases. They are: Citycarb, Citysorb, Cityflow and Camcarb Green. Camcarb Green

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...Camfil Farr is the global leader in clean air technology and energy efficient air filter solutions with product development, R&D and local representation in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. We supply high quality products and services with the aim of making our customers operations more sustainable, energy efficient and productive. Our own vision of sustainability is a global approach combining consideration for people, environmental protection and business performance. Camfil Farr is a member of the United Nations Global Compact programme and follows the GRI sustainability...

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