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Clean Process - 2

wor ld’s leading manufacturer of filter s for clean processes Camfil Farr is a world leader in clean Customers world wide have realised air technology and air filter produc- the benefits of this and we are proud to say that most probably the parts in The Group is represented through your computer have been produced subsidiaries and distributors through- under the protection of Camfil Farr out Europe, the United States and Asia. We are the number one choice for most companies who have exceptional demands on the quality of air within their processes. Clean air solutions that make you feel and...

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Clean Process - 3

applic ation area: clean p ro c e s s e s electronic, phar maceuticals, foods & beverage, turbo machiner y molecules can have extremely serious The demands on clean air within consequences in some processes. Just sectors such as Food & Beverage, imagine what harm contaminated air Hospitals, Car industries, Museums could do to the manufacture of semi- different. They do however have one other sensitive processes. thing in common: They can all benefit from Camfil Farr’s customer tailored Microelectronics & Pharmaceuticals Different processes need different levels of tant part of our business...

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Clean Process - 4

Panels & Cells Turbine Filters Clean Room ULPA panels include laminar flow filters We provide reliable, efficient and silent operation for specifically designed for clean rooms and LAF turbo machinery by offering a complete range of benches. Camfil Farr’s range of HEPA filters are used effective air filtration and acoustic systems. mechanical, military, and many other industries requiring a strict controlled environment. Environments with high temperature air where Camfil Farr´s supplies a wide range of casings, normal filters are not sufficient require special heat housings and frames for...

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Clean Process - 5

research & development local needs of our customers. Our R&D and quality control and we carry main R&D centre is however located out rigorous laboratory tests and field at Head Quarters in Sweden and is trials under controlled conditions. well equipped with, amongst other Not least, we develop and produce items, a SEM (Scanning Electron Micro-scope) and test rigs for both have maximum control over filter We design software packages that make it easier for you to calculate your needs and select our products for optimal clean air solutions. New materials and equipment We are always on the...

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Clean Process - 6

Camfil Farr – Clean processes Camfil Farr is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of filters and clean air solutions There is a good chance that, at this very moment, you are breathing clean air that has passed through a filter manufactured by us. Our products can be found everywhere from offices to clean rooms for sensitive electronics production, mines, factories, hospitals and nuclear power stations. Camfil Farr is a global company with 29 subsidiaries, 23 production plants and an extensive network of agents in Europe, North America and Asia. For further...

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