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Clean Air Solution Capability Brochure - 11 Pages

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Clean Air Solution Capability Brochure

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Capability brochure

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OVER 50 YEARS OF CLEAN AIR SOLUTIONS FILTERS FOR EVERY NEED In 1960, Sweden is about to start its nuclear program. Air filtration specialist Gösta Larson realizes that these new power plants need air filters of better quality than ever before. Using low quality air filters in a nuclear plant can quickly turn into a catastrophe. Gösta convinces the nuclear engineers to start using top quality filters and quickly wins a business contract. In 1963, he builds his first factory in Trosa, Sweden. Camfil is founded. Today, with more than50 years of experience, Camfil delivers clean air solutions...

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CAMFIL AROUND THE WORLD With more than 3,400 employees, Camfil can serve you with sales offices, production units, R&D and customer agents all over the world. Europe Almost every country in Europe is extensively served with sales companies, production units and local agents. Camfil is headquartered in Sweden, with state-of-the-art facilities for both R&D and manufacturing. CAMFIL HEAD OFFICE PRODUCTION UNIT (INCLUDES SALES) SALES OFFICE AGENT Americas With seven production units and 14 branches, we provide excellent coverage across North and South America. Other Regions Production and sales...

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TECH CENTER IN TROSA Airborne particle studies Technical expertise at your service Camfil continuously invests in R&D because it maximizes value for customers and is a very important factor for the growth and future development of air filtration. In Trosa, Sweden, our new Tech Center was opened in 2012. Here, chemists, technicians and engineers work with the latest equipment in molecular labs, IAQ labs and process development workshops to deepen our knowledge about air filtration, dust collection and much more. The Trosa Tech Center is the main innovation hub in a network of R&D facilities...

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COMFORT Protecting people Comfort Ventilation Our indoor air filter solutions for public and commercial buildings improve and protect people’s health and wellbeing – and also boost their productivity. The end product is clean air, free of harmful or damaging pollutants. When the air in the classroom is clean, learning is enhanced and the students as well as the staff become more productive – and their health is protected. Our high quality air filters keep the air management system in schools at optimum efficiency. Low pressure drops over long periods of time reduce operating costs and...

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CLEAN PROCESSES Our leading filter solutions prevent airborne contamination in cleanrooms all over the world Food We offer a full range of high quality air filtration systems for the global food and beverage industry to avoid microbiological contamination. Because food safety compliance means safety and customer confidence. For almost 50 years we have delivered air filtration solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities in all major world regions. We can design the optimum system from your requirements, including easy maintenance and long service life. We can also assure you the highest...

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POWER SYSTEMS Protecting gas turbines via heavy-duty filtration and noise control equipment Power Generation Our leading heavy-duty filter systems protect gas turbines and diesel engines from erosion, fouling and hot corrosion. With less fouling and engine degradation, maximum efficiency and power production are maintained. We know how to design and manufacture challenging system solutions for environments where water, salt, heavy hydrocarbons and space limitations make ope­ rations particularly difficult. Demands for uninterrupted operation over long periods up to several years require...

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AIR POLLUTION CONTROL The most technologically advanced dust collectors keeping dust and fumes out of the workspace Mining The Camfil – Farr Gold Series Dust Collector “Looks like a safe because it is built like a safe”. The robust, modular construction is ideal for the harsh, abrasive environment of open pit mining. The Gold Series units have a proven track record of ensuring reliability and keeping production down-time to a minimum on many mining applications including Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Crushing, Stock Pile ventilation, Material Conveying, Screening, Fine Ore Bin...

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CONTAINMENT Safety-critical solutions to protect people and the environment against dangerous contamination Biosafety Labs Chem/Bio Protection Biosafety laboratories pose unique challenges for filtration of particulates. As part of the containment barrier, the filtration equipment must capture potentially toxic contaminants during their first pass. We have filters for every need and the expertise to assist you in selecting the appropriate clean air solution. We are recognized as the first choice for designers and owners. We are the premier supplier of chemical and biological protection...

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INDUSTRIAL Reliable equipment for heavy-duty purposes Warehouses CamCleaner is a range of patented air purifiers with the most efficient HEPA filters on the market. They are proven to lead to reduced energy costs, more efficient production, less need for cleaning, healthier employees and a better air environment. The Campure range of medias and housings is used to remove acidic sulfur gases and protect the valuable electronic and electrical equipment that controls refinery processes. A full range of solutions is available for make-up and recirculation air systems. Medias are inherently...

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CAMFIL is the world leader in air filters and clean air solutions. Camfil is the global industry leader in clean air solutions with 50+ years of experience. Our solutions protect people, processes and the environment to benefit human health, increase performance, and reduce and manage energy consumption. Twenty-three manufacturing plants, six R&D sites and over 65 local sales offices worldwide provide service and support to our customers. The Camfil Group is headquartered in Sweden but more than 95% of sales are international. The Group has around 3,500 employees and sales in the range of...

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