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Engineering and Innovation

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groups in the World with The brand "Bilanciai Group" was established in 1999 and with its own industry brands is today able to operate in all weighing fields, proving its customers with the best solution Each brand and each Group's company represents a guarantee of quality in the respective operating sectors: from industrial weighing to precision and laboratory weighing.

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GLOBAL PRESENCE Austria Belgium Denmark Estonia France Germany Great Britain Hungary Italy Latvia Lithuania Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Serbia Spain Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Algeria Angola Botswana Congo Egypt Ghana Kenya Libya Malawi Morocco Mozambique Namibia Nigeria South Africa Swaziland Tanzania Tunisia Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe China Hong Kong India Iran Iraq Lebanon Pakistan Philippines Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Syria United Arab Emirates AMERICAS Belize Brazil Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic El Salvador Guadeloupe Guatemala Haiti Honduras Jamaica Mexico...

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Company profile Cachapuz is a reference in the implementation of innovative and highly technological solutions to automate the logistics, goods dispatching, raw material reception and weighing processes in industrial plants. With a modular and scalable software and hardware platform (SLV Platform), t o g e t h e r w i t h a w i d e ex p e r t i s e and know-how on the field collected during several decades of experience, Cachapuz is able to meet the needs of a wide range of business areas worldwide, with proven results. VISION To be the most innovative and technologically advanced supplier...

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k Cachapuz commercializes cutlery, hardware, weighing products and k Beginning of industrial activity k Creation of the first protocol of cooperation with Minho University industry of the first self-service bulk loading kiosk k Cachapuz becomes a member 1 Cachapuz fully automates the first cement plant with SLV Cement iGlobal market reference with logistic and dispatching solutions in Portugal, India, Egypt, Angola, Spain, South Africa,...

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Engineering and Innovation Cachapuz’ Engineering and Innovation department consists of a team of experienced engineers, specialized in a wide range of areas and highly qualified for the consultancy and development of software and automation solutions for industrial applications. Cachapuz’ software and hardware engineering teams develop constant Market Procurement and Research & Development activities, in cooperation w i t h l oc al un iversit ies, to a ss u re the continuous evolution of the solutions, improvement the existing modules, adoption of new technologies and concepts and...

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For each particular project, Cachapuz studies and analyses the customer’s requirements and expectations and delivers the best possible solution, a solution that the customer can rely on. The experience and expertise of Cachapuz Engineering and Innovation team in the market, complemented by its state-of-the-art solutions and well oriented services, have transformed C a chap uz in a Global Refe ren c e, re co gniz ed by the growing li st of satisfied customers worldwide.

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SERVICES AND CAPABILITIES _IT consultancy _Research and Development _Software and automation development _Development of tailored solutions _Project management _Installation of software and automation components _Start-up and Commissioning _Local and remote training _24/7 Remote and onsite support and maintenance services TECHNOLOGIES _Mobile, Desktop and Web based solutions _Database and information systems _Business Intelligence and Data Mining _Web Services integration _SMS and Email notifications _ERP Integration _Automation and control _Self-service kiosks _RFID identification (long...

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Solutions SLV PLATFORM Cachapuz’ solutions are based in SLV Platform, an innovative software and automation truck management system for industrial plants that provides the complete automation of the main functional areas: _Access control and identification _RFID access control and identification (both _Goods and products dispatching long and short range technologies) _Automatic truck parking management (queue and calling) _Improved logistics and control on the _Entry/exit gates control inbound/outbound processes; _Self-service and unmanned weighing _Increased organization of truck movement;...

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SLV Platform was designed to be operated in three different modes: Due to its modularity and scalability, SLV Platform Automatic mode – Automatic management of the dispatching allows the integration of innumerous and optional and reception processes, without operators and with speed, components of hardware, which may be adapted according security and accuracy; the truck drivers perform the operations to the demands and needs of the customer: traffic lights, in self-service mode interacting with the SLV Platform kiosks barriers, positioning sensors, information panels, LCD and using the RFID...

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Reception and check-in Automation and Control Remote support tools Parking and truck queue management Access control and identification Process Logs Unmanned and self-service weighing SLV PLATFORM CORE Raw materials unloading control Bags loading and counting Reporting and Statistics Bulk loading Remote support tools Truck fleet management ERP integration

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02 Parking and trucks queue management 03 Access control and identification 04 Unmanned and self-service weighing 05 Raw materials unloading control 06 Bags loading and counting 08 Truck fleet management

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SLV PLATFORM ARCHITECTURE SLV Platform is a web-based and a centralized solution which uses TCP/IP technologies for communication between all the components installed in the plant. This architecture brings great benefits for the customers, because SLV Platform will run on top of the existing LAN and WAN networks in the plant and ensures a fast and smooth installation, without the need of expensive and dedicated infrastructures. The communication between SLV Platform server and all hardware and software components is managed by the SLV Platform core modules, abstracting the complexity of the...

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