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Marking systems MarKing Pro Software for labelling Code: SWMP2 - Type: SWMP2.0 MarKing Pro is an application to be used to print characters and images on tags and tables, monochromatically. It can be used with the CaburJet printer and CaburPlot plotter, among others. The program, which is easy to use and extremely versatile, allows the user to define the labelling parameters, with character and symbol sequences that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the users, and prints them on Cabur tags, which can be selected from a database inserted with the software. The software allows automatic importing of data for labelling of wires, terminal blocks, and equipment in general for the most common electric CADs, such as SPAC Automazione, IGE-XAO, and ELETTRO GRAPHICS. The MarKing system makes it possible to use both the Plotter and CaburJet systems simultaneously. If used with the plotter system, the software can manage up to a maximum of 5 peripherals. If used with Caburjet, the maximum number of peripherals that can be managed depends on the number of USB ports available on the PC. Thanks to its intuitive interface and visual elements, MarKing Pro is easy to use, makes it possible to view the end result before printing, and does not require any special technical skills. Cabur also offers a labelling creation service, which can be provided on the basis of files created in MarKing Pro by the customer. Send Cabur your MarKing Pro files to receive a quotation and service that provides the utmost in efficiency as well as reliable results. Technical requirements for installation: Platform: PC Operating system: • for use with CaburJet: Microsoft® Windows™ 98 SP2 or newer; • for use with CaburPlot: Microsoft® Windows™ 95 or newer; Memory: 512 MB RAM min. Space available on hard disk: 50 MB min.

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