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Industrial marking Systems 201 1-2012 Edition cabur

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cabur _warnings_ The characteristics of the products contained in this catalogue are not binding for Cabur and can be changed, without prior notice, due to production requirements or to improve the products. Hence, please contact our technical-commercial network for any necessary confirmations or updates. You can find additional information about these and other Cabur products at our website 2

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cabur The Company Founded in 1952, Cabur quickly gained the lead position among national constructors of terminal boards for electric panels, pursuing a policy which focused particularly on installers' needs and proposing avant-garde technological solutions, which in time became generalised applications. Above all, it was ahead of its time in the qualitative choices for its products, especially regarding raw materials, as well as guaranteed functioning, reliability over time and respect for the environment. Thanks to all this, in 1985 Cabur obtained Class 1E Qualification (Equipment for...

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cabur' Website Thanks to its website, Cabur offers its customers and other operators in the sector the possibility to keep up to date about ail the new products and commercial offers. Data sheets for ail Cabur products, including those in this catalogue, are available in electronic format in the online catalogue, and can be consulted with an index or advanced search engine. In addition, on the website you can: consult with our specialised personnel to receive information or suggestions about our products Օ contact our sales staff and request a quotation download...

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cabur Droduct line Product lines With over 50 years of exprience, Cabur develops and cr驢tes, based on its own delabels, a vast array of products for the electro-technical and electronic industries famous for their reliability even under extreme conditions. Our current production includes: terminal blocks and boards for electrical panels Օ electronic products for electrical panels terminal blocks for civil installations Օ products for photovoltaic system connections industrial marking systems which perfectly meet the various and complex installation needs of users. Our production, which...

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cabur' Directives and norms Directive 2002/95/EC Conformance of Cabur products to the RoHS Directive In general, Cabur products are intended for use in electrical distribution boards and industrial automation boards. Therefore, they fall into the category which is exempt from application of the RoHS Directive as they are components of "stationary industrial tools" and "stationary appliances." Nonetheless, in consideration of the needs of those customers who use Cabur products to complete equipment and devices that are subject to the Directive, we have decided to ensure that our products...

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cabur CaburJet System Code: CABURJET - Type: CABURJET The CaburJet ink jet printer has a smaller size te reduce bulk and offers an innovative design, aimed at making il fast and easy lo use. with no maintenance problems. It*s the idal solution for continuous. automatic, and fast printing o( sleeve lags to identify wires; 镕 tags for terminal blocks; lags for push-buttons; Օ lags forconlaclors; modular strips for eleclrical dislribulion boards; Օ board identification tags. This is a highly innovative solution, created lo meet multiple needs in the industrial field. at a comptitive price....

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cabur Inserting modules into the automatic loader and printing remnants AU modules use the aulomalic loader, except lor adhesive tags and plates, The loader ts very easy lo use: a key at the side of Ihe loader forces articles to be loaded in one way only. The last stem in the table must be prsent on the remnant in order (or il to be used, and the central peg musl be positioned in the groove at the centre of the printing surface. It does not need to be aligned exactty. The pusherswill convey and. if necessary. straighten, the remnant. Inserting single sheet tags (e,g. remnants, adhesive tags...

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cabur Marking Systems CaburPlot System Code: KSPLOTTER - Code: CABURPLOT The CABURPLOT System consists of a flatbed A3 plotter which, on a single plate, lets you print on: sleeve tags to identify wires; Օ tags for terminal blocks; tags for push-buttons; Օ tags for contactors; modular strips for electrical distribution boards; Օ board identification tags. The aluminium frame and innovative design, as opposed to other solutions available on the market, make CABURPLOT a leading, state of the art system. Compared to similar products, CABURPLOT pens last longer. In addition to the classic,...

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cabur Marking Systems CaburPlot System Accessories, spare parts, and adapter kit INKBOTT1 KITPULIZIA PEN035CAB INKCART5 POMPASP PEN025CAB PADCABUR PEN035GRA accessories code type description PADCABUR PADCABUR adaptation plate for KSPLOTTER plotter PADGRAPH PADGRAPH adaptation plate for Graphtec plotter PADMUTHO PADMUTHO adaptation plate for MUTOH plotter PEN025CAB PEN025CAB anti-dry pen for plotter - diameter 0.25 mm PEN035CAB PEN035CAB anti-dry pen for plotter - diameter 0.35 mm PEN035GRA PEN035GRA anti-dry pen for Graphtec plotter - diameter 0.25 mm INKCART5 INKCART5 indelible ink (5...

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cabur Marking Systems Marking Pro Software for labelling Code: SWMP2 - Type: SWMP2.0 MarKing Pro is an application to be used to print characters and images on tags and tables, monochromatically. It can be used with the CaburJet printer and CaburPlot plotter, among others. The program, which is easy to use and extremely versatile, allows the user to define the labelling parameters, with character and symbol sequences that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the users, and prints them on Cabur tags, which can be selected from a database inserted with the software. The software allows...

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