Robot trimming & packing line for sardines - 2 Pages

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Robot trimming & packing line for sardines

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Fish & Seafood Robot trimming & packing line Pick, process and place in one operation Cabinplant has taken a completely new approach by combining food processing and packing in a robot-supported handling system for fish and shrimps: All of the processing steps (separation of head and tail, removal of viscera, size grading) are performed in the pick-and-place operation during which a robot transfers individual products from a feeding conveyor into the package. At a single stroke, this system eliminates a number of the handling steps required to link the individual processing stations in traditional methods which also take up extra time and space. The new system is an integrated process with an uninterrupted automation sequence, setting new standards in space minimization and throughput rate. Visit

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Advantages • Payback period 1-2 years • Labour saving • Integration of grading, nobbing & packing in one operation • Automatic cross-packing in cans • Full traceablility of product and package • Stainless steel construction (easy to clean) • Reduced give-away Robot trimming & packing line Application • For trimming and packing in trays of sardines and shrimps Functionality Award winning and patented technology Compared to existing solutions we can reduce give-away by 10 to 12% with our new invention. Depending on the product type, size, and weight, the robot can process and pack between 40...

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