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Print modules PX Q Full functionality, high reliability, comfortable operation and low downtime related to maintenance! The PX Q print and peel-off module has been designed specifically for printing and labeling fully automatically in industrial applications. It can be integrated in any orientation of assembly to solve even complex marking tasks. A torsion-resistant cast aluminum construction is basis to assemble all the components of the print mechanics. Food-safe coating and stainless steel casings add to the perfect shape with special features. Screwing is compatible to the devices of...

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❶ peration panel O Operating the device is intuitive and simple with the help of self-explanatory symbols to configure settings ❽ Simple replacement of materials Label materials are inserted until lateral stop. The print head and wipe-down rollers are locked by levers. ❷ ibbon holder R Three-part tightening axles enable the ribbon to be replaced quickly and easily. ❾ Label sensor A gap sensor or a reflective sensor position the imprint precisely on the label and detect the end of the material. ❸ ugged metal chassis R made of cast aluminum; basis to assemble all units ❿ Material backfeed...

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Operation panel Operating the device is intuitive and simple with the help of self-explanatory symbols to configure settings. ❶ ED signal: Power ON L Depending from the orientation of assembly, display is either in landscape or portrait mode. ❶ tatus bar: data reception, record data stream, S ribbon pre-warning, SD memory card / USB memory stick plugged in, Bluetooth, WLAN, Ethernet, USB slave, time ❸ Printer status: Ready, Pause, number of labels printed in a print job, label in peel-off position, awaiting external start signal ❹ USB slot to connect the Service Key or a memory stick, in...

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Print heads All print heads are freely interchangeable at equal width. They are automatically detected and calibrated by the CPU. The print distance to the locating edge can be adjusted. Major data such as running performance, maximum operating temperature and heat energy are directly stored in the print head. The data can be read at the plant. Print heads for print module PX Q4 - 300, 600 dpi providing sharp-edged print images suitable for small fonts and graphics on typeplates suitable for markings on materials with high energy needs Print heads for print modules PX Q4.3 and PX Q6.3 -...

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Options are partsassembled perform special functions. or units to They are to a printer in addition to or instead of standards. If order implies options be assembled ex factory, the part numbers of such printers and options are added by .250. Options delivered separately are added by .001. 1.1 PX Q4.3     Designation Automatic ribbon saving Print roller DRS Digital I/O interface 5 VDC 2 port Ethernet Switch 10/100 Mbit/s assembly ex factory only Automatic ribbon saving Use is recommended in cases of at least 60 mm unprinted area on a label. While labels are fed, the print head is lifted...

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Accessorial products are plugged or screwed to a printer by the customer. Designation SD memory card USB memory stick USB WLAN stick USB WLAN stick including a rod antenna USB Bluetooth adapter I/O interface connector SUB-D, 25 pins I/O interface connector SUB-D, 15 pins External operation panel Connecting USB cable Label selection - I/O box Connecting RS232 C cable Interface cover unit External operation panel If the operation panel on a printer cannot be accessed after the device has been installed, an external one can be attached in addition. Printer connection: USB 2.0 Hi-speed device...

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Technical data typical Print module Type Printing method Thermal transfer Thermal direct Printable resolution dpi Print speed up to mm/s Print width up to mm Direction of label transfer Print distance to locating edge for L and R mm with automatic saving L and R mm Material Labels Labels1) Width mm Height without backfeedfrom mm Height with backfeedfrom mm Thickness up to mm Liner material Width mm Ribbon2) Ink side Roll diameter up to mm Core diameter mm Variable length up to m Width mm Automatic saving Print module dimensions and weights Width x Height x Depth mm Weight kg Label sensor...

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Technical data standard Operation panel Colored LCD touch display Screen diagonal " 4.3 Resolution Width x Height px 480 x 272 Setup options Print Region: Labels - Language Ribbon - Country Peel-off - Keyboard Apply - Time zone Interfaces Time Error Display: - Brightness - Power saving mode - Orientation Interpreter Data reception Bluetooth Record datastream WLAN Ribbon warning Ethernet SD memory card plugged in USB slave USB memory stick plugged in Time Direction of winding Print roller for Pre-warning backfeed open End of material Labels End of material Print head Voltage Temperature open...

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cablabel S3 software Designing, printing, administrating cablabel S3 opens up the full potential of cab devices. First of all, the label must be designed. cablabel S3 is of a modular design which makes it adaptable to requirements step by step. To support functions like native JScript programming, elements such as the JScript Viewer are embedded as plug-ins. The designer user interface and the JScript code are synchronized in real time. Special functions like the Database Connector or barcode testers can be integrated. For further information see www.cab.de/en/cablabel Stand-alone printing...

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Printer control Printer administration Configuration on the Intranet / Internet Drivers cab provides 32 / 64-bit drivers to control a printer with software other than cablabel S3. Running the drivers requires at least operating systems Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.6, Linux CUPS 1.2. Windows1) drivers compliant to WHQL standards printers integrate a HTTP and FTP server. A printer cab can be controlled and configured, firmware updated and memory cards managed using a standard web browser or FTP client. Administrators and operators are notified of states, warnings and errors via email or...

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