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Product marking Units, systems, software, consumables

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Products require labeling Labeling gives identities. It enables smart industrial processes. Tracing components is ensured in the automotive sector to the smallest screw. Scheduled deliveries are guaranteed in logistics. Plates on electrical devices refer to performance data and use. In the pharmaceutical industry, labeling prevents from errors relevant to health. In chemical business, risks associated with the handling of a product are indicated multi-colored and without any barrier as regards language. Labeling on food informs about ingredients and on textiles about best possible care.

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PERFECT SOLUTIONS FOR ANY REQUIREMENT cab for more than 45 years has been developing and manufacturing solutions and a wide range of accessories for marking tasks. Products include label printers, systems for printing and applying labels in one operation, label dispensers and laser marking systems. In addition, ribbons and labels are provided. EASE OF OPERATION All the current cab printing systems are based on the same electronics and firmware. The printer language is the same, so are interfaces and memories. Any update of an operating system or a driver is available immediately on every...

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MADE IN GERMANY cab is an owner-managed family business, with a focus on customers and economic continuity have always been a focus. Vision, ideas, curiosity and joy in cab products and their further development have always been driving forces in the company. Innovation build together CORPORATE FACTS AND FIGURES Founded in 1975 L ocated in eight countries 1 00 million Euros group turnover in fiscal year 2021 A leader in automated and highly precise label applications M ajor European manufacturer of label printing systems See further information on cab has a global presence,...

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KLAUS BARDUTZKY Managing Director, company founder ALEXANDER BARDUTZKY Managing Director in 2nd generation

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EOS 2 if roll diameters are no more than 152 mm EOS 5 for roll diameters as wide as 203 mm standard  EOS printers unite the features known of solid label printers with highest ease of operation. Label printer Print head Print method Print resolution dpi Print speed mm/s max. Print width mm max. Roll, reel Fanfold Roll / core diameters mm Width mm Height, no backfeed mm at least Color layer Length m max. Dimensions of a unit Width x Height x Depth mm Weight kg Interfaces RS232-C USB for PC Ethernet Periphery USB host Ribbon See further information on EOS mobile, incl....

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MACH 4S label printers Labels and ribbons can be inserted to MACH 4S easily from the front. standard A MACH 4S provides all the features known of industrial printers operating in a wide range of application. The print mechanics and chassis are made of high-quality materials and match perfectly in design and function. Self-explanatory icons on a large color touch panel provide excellent usability. Label webs are guided centered on a unit, eliminating any need for adjustment. The main board is hightech and all the interfaces required for plugging are provided as standard. Label printer Print...

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SQUIX label printers guiding materials aligned to the left SQUIX 2 - slim ones for printing small labels SQUIX 4 - industrail devices providing a wide range of accessories standard  They find use in various operations. Their development has been focused consistently on intuitive usability and high reliability. Extensive peripherals and software enable custom-designed solutions. The rugged printers suit for any requirement, whether operated stand-alone, with a PC or in a network. All SQUIX models are available as basic devices with a tear-off plate, as well as peel-off devices, providing a...

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SQUIX 6 - wide ones for printing Odette, UCC, GS1 labels SQUIX 8 for printing pallet and drum labels standard  Label printer Print head Print method Print resolution dpi Print speed mm/s max. Print width mm max. Label Roll, fanfold mm Roll / core diameters Width mm Height, no backfeed mm at least Ribbon Color layer Length m max. Dimensions Width x Height x Depth mm Weight kg of a unit Interfaces RS232-C, USB for PC, Ethernet, Periphery, USB host, WLAN Digital I/O interface See further information on Barcode scanners Demand modules for marking packages in motion

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SQUIX label printers guiding materials in centered position SQUIX 4 M, the precise and flexible ones With a SQUIX 4 M, all materials that are wound on rolls or reels can be printed, so can fanfold ones. Very small labels or slim continuous materials such as pressed tubes are typical applications. A specified label sensor allows round or oval tubes as high as 5 mm be processed. If operations require high heating, ribbons may stick with the textile tape after printing. On a SQUIX 4 MT, a draw roller separates a ribbon reliably from a material. Labels and continuous materials wound on rolls or...

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SQUIX 4 M providing an integral UHF RFID module An antenna is assembled to the print head. RFID tags are written and read immediately before the labels are printed. In the event of an error, labels are indicated as invalid. Three optimized antennas are available for the different RFID tags: 1) Standard for all common RFID tags 2) On-metal for RFID tags applied to metal surfaces 3) High sensitivity for small RFID labels requesting high signal requirements The RFID modules already qualify for various RFID labels. Further labels will be added as required. In addition, cab supports...

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XD Q for printing on both sides of textiles, shrink tubes and other continuous materials 300 dpi if printing as wide as 105.7 mm; 600 dpi are possible at widths no more than 54.1 mm using a special print roller Heating can be assigned separately to each print head. Printing is as well possible only on the top of a material. If printing on textile materials: An automated mechanics reduces the consumption of ribbon. It is provided on print head 1 when printing on the bottom of a material. While the material is fed, the print head is lifted and the ribbon stopped. A separator integrated to the...

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