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Products need labeling Label printers for industrial applications

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MACH 4S - 2

Label printers for industrial applications The MACH 4S provide all features of an industrial printer with a wide application range. The print mechanics and the chassis are made of high-quality materials and perfectly match in terms of shape and function. reliable and fast printing accurate imprint The large, colored touchdisplay with self-explanatory symbols offers best operability. compact, appealing design Labels and ribbons are easy to insert from the front. easy operation The centered material guide eliminates any need of adjustments. little footprint The hightech electronic board...

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MACH 4S - 3

Types 1.1 Type B with tear-off edge for printing on all materials that are wound on rolls or reels or fanfold. Material guide centered Label printer Printable resolution Print speed Print width 1.2 Type P with peel-off function for printing on all materials that are wound on rolls or reels or fanfold. In addition, the labels can be dispensed. Label printer Printable resolution Print speed Print width Label height 1.3 Type C with cutter for printing on all materials that are wound on rolls or reels or fanfold. From 12 mm in height, the labels and continuous materials can be cut. Label...

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MACH 4S - 4

Details 1 Cover with a large panoramic window It can be opened wide. The integrated damping mechanism provides smooth closing. Label stock is visible at any time. 2 Roll holder The label roll is put onto the holder and, at this, is automatically centered. Materials of different widths can be placed within the box. Ribbon holder The ribbon is pushed onto the spring-mounted holder and is centered by means of a margin stop and the position indication. The insertion in the print mechanics is simple and comfortable. 3 Print mechanics It opens at the push of a button and offers easy access. 4 5...

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MACH 4S - 5

Operation panel Intuitive and easy operation with self-explanatory symbols to configure the device setups 1 Status bar: Data reception, Record data stream, Ribbon pre-warning, SD memory card / USB memory stick plugged in, Bluetooth, WLAN, Ethernet, USB Slave, Time Printer status: Ready, Pause, Number of printed labels per print job, Label in peel-off position, Awaiting external start signal Cutter: cutting Tear-off or peel-off mode: print label Jump to menu Reprint last label Interrupt and continue print job Stop and delete all print jobs Label feed Setup options Printing parameters Print...

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MACH 4S - 6

Technical data Label printer Material feed Thermal transfer Printing method Thermal direct Printable resolution dpi Print speed up to mm/s Print width up to mm Start of printing Distance to locating edge mm Material1) Paper, cardboard, plastics PET, PE, PP, PI, PVC, PU, acrylate, Tyvec ready-for-use Shrink tubes Textile tapes on rolls, reels, fanfold Packing Roll diameter up to mm Core diameter mm Winding Labels Width mm Height excl. label backfeed from mm incl. label backfeed from mm Peel-off, single cut from mm Thickness mm Liner material Width at core diameter 38 mm mm 76 mm mm mm...

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MACH 4S - 7

Technical data  standard Setup options Print Labels Ribbon Tear-off Peel-off Cut Interfaces Error Region: - Language - Country - Keyboard - Time zone Time Display: - Brightness - Power saving mode - Orientation Interpreter Data reception Record data stream Ribbon pre-warning SD memory card plugged USB memory stick plugged Bluetooth WLAN Ethernet USB slave Time Ribbon pre-warning End of ribbon Direction of ribbon winding End of material Graphics Graphic elements Periphery error Print head voltage Print head temperature Print head open Graphic formats Codes 1D barcodes (linear) Test routines...

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MACH 4S - 8

Label software cablabel S3 Designing, printing, administrating with cablabel S3 cablabel S3 opens up the full potential of cab devices. First of all, the label must be designed. Only when it comes to printing it has to be decided whether the label shall be processed on a label printer, a print and apply or marking laser system. cablabel S3 is of a modular design which makes it adaptable to requirements step by step. To support functions like native JScript programming, elements such as the JScript Viewer are embedded as plug-ins. The designer user interface and the JScript code are...

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MACH 4S - 9

Printer control and administration Printer drivers Printer administration To control the printer with a software other than cablabel S3, cab provides drivers in 32 / 64 bit for operating systems starting from Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.6 and Linux with CUPS 1.2. Windows1) drivers cab printer drivers are certified according to WHQL. They ensure optimum stability on the Windows operating system. Configuration in Intranet and Internet The HTTP and FTP server integrated in the printer via standard programs like a web browser or FTP clients allows printer control and configuration, firmware...

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MACH 4S - 10

Label printer MACH 4S/300B Label printer MACH 4S/600B Label printer MACH 4.3S/200P Label printer MACH 4.3S/300P 5984636 Type P with 5984637 peel-off function Label printer MACH 4S/300P Label printer MACH 4S/600P 1.3 Type C with cutter Extra equipment External operation panel Connecting cable USB / 1.8 m Connecting cable USB / 3 m Connecting cable USB / 5 m Connecting cable USB / 11 m Connecting cable USB / 16 m USB WLAN stick with rod antenna 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n + 5 GHz a/n/ac Connecting cable RS232 C 9/9 pin, length 3 m Roll holder Ribbon holder Label software cablabel S3 Lite (Download at...

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MACH 4S - 11

cab product overview Label printers MACH1, MACH2 Label printers MACH 4S Label printers SQUIX 2 Label printers SQUIX 4 Label printers SQUIX 6.3 Label printer XD4T double-sided Label printers XC two-colored Print and apply systems HERMES Q Print and apply systems Hermes C two-colored Tube labeling systems AXON Label software cablabel S3 Labeling heads IXOR Marking lasers XENO 4 Laser marking systems For product information see

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MACH 4S - 12

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG Karlsruhe Phone +49 721 6626 0 cab Technology, Inc. Chelmsford, MA Phone +1 978 250 8321 cab Technology Co., Ltd. Taipei Phone +886 (02) 8227 3966 cab Singapore Pte. Ltd. Singapore Phone +65 6931 9099 South Africa cab Technologies S.à.r.l. Niedermodern Phone +33 388 722501 cab Technology, Inc. Juárez Phone +52 656 682 4301 cab (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai Phone +86 (021) 6236 3161 cab Technology (Pty) Ltd. Randburg Phone +27 11 886 3580 cab //...

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