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C.van’t Riet specialist in dairy equipment

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Preface It’s a great time to consider manufacturing & marketing your own dairy products, recognisable for quality & great value, knowing that you have more control of your own future. C. van ’t Riet (pronounced “See van treat”) Dairy Technology bv will work collaboratively with you to give you a tailor-made solution to your milk processing & dairy manufacturing requirements. Products such as liquid milk, cheese of all varieties, buttermilk, yoghurt & butter are our speciality. We are not just dairy equipment manufacturers - we are passionate & knowledgable about the products and the most...

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From “hand-o-matic” to fully automated. Easy to use, clean & maintain. C. van ’t Riet Dairy Technology bv designs, manufactures & installs dairy processing solutions to meet your requirements, using latest technology at competitive prices. As your partner in dairy technology we will support you right throughout the journey, from initial feasibility studies right through to despatch of great tasting finished produc

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Pasteurisation Pasteurisation is an important step in many food processes. Heating the product for a certain period of time ensures that the harmful bacteria are killed. With batch pasteurisation, we often talk about 30 minutes at 65 ° C. In a continuous pasteuriser (HTST or “High Temperature, Short Time”), the product is heated to at least 72 ° C for a minimum of 25 seconds. For yogurt, a higher temperature must be achieved and for a longer time, namely 90 ° C for 300 seconds. There is also UHT 138 ° C for 2 seconds and Sterilisation which is 110 ° C for 15 minutes. For smaller capacity,...

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CvR Adding Value to your milk UK - 5

Open round cheese vat: • Easy to use • Excellent control of all process steps • Option for batch pasteurisatiuon within the Vat • Capacity of (100 - 2,500 litres) Rectangular cheese vat: • Easy to use • Semi-automatic process • Option for pre-pressing of curd blocks for continental varieties • Capacity (2,800 - 5,000 litres) Double “O” open cheese vat: • Simple to operate • Works in combination with a curd table • Visible process - you can touch and feel the curd • Capacity (3,000 - 7,500 litres) Enclosed cheese vat: • Automatic process • Consistent product • Recording & measurement of the...

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CvR Adding Value to your milk UK - 6

Curd handling and/or pre-pressing of continental varieties The curd table (or drainage basin) can either be a traditional UK design for Cheddar & hard pressed territorials or it can be specially designed for continental cheeses such as Edam or Gouda. In this case whey is drained from the curd by being gently pre-pressed whilst still on the table and is formed into single units for placing in the mould. The cheeses then go into the Press. • Ergonomic working height • Produces ready cut continental cheeses for pressing • The cheese vat can be ready for reuse faster Cheese presses: Tubular...

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CvR Adding Value to your milk UK - 7

Standard stainless steel 20kg block moulds (360 x 280 x 180) or traditional round moulds are available. We also source cheese moulds from Kadova and micro-perforated cheese barrels from Laude and Busqui. Interested in a different shape? Then we can bespoke your design. . Kadova • Easy to use • Parts available separately Micro perforated drums • Multi-shapes possible • Less finishing required Brining the cheeses in the traditional way by floating them on the surface of the brine bath. Or by immersing them completely by means of deep brining. Deep brining shortens the brine duration and the...

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Cheese storage for traditional products & Blues Are you going for a rustic look with fire wooden cheese boards and standards? Or do you prefer plastic trays for less maintenance? We can help you with your traditional maturation, whether Blues, Bries or Continental Cheeses! • Made to measure • Various configurations possible Fresh dairy, butter & buttermilk Various different means of operation can be used for the preparation of butter and buttermilk. The process can start with either whole milk or cream. Pasteurisation, Churning and kneading. Working can be done in different machines, but...

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CvR Adding Value to your milk UK - 9

Filling systems There are many different options when filling different products. The choice of packaging is very important, because this also gives your product a certain image in the market and defines your brand. We offer solutions for filling and packing various different products from low viscosity to high viscosity. We can bespoke to meet your precise requirements. For products with high viscosity, the speed will have to be monitored. Where foaming is not a problem. C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology bv produces its own filling machine for small-scale filling of fresh dairy products such...

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Cleaning High standards of hygiene is critical for every good product. We can offer cleaning systems for both stand-alone equipment and complete installations from foamers to fully integrated & automated CIP sets (Cleaning in Place). For example, we have foam cleaners for the surfaces. For the pipework we have circulation systems. • Coordinated cleaning & record keeping to demonstrate compliance • Savings in detergent and water usage • Control of temperature and time Other products • Curd Table • Plastic cheese trays • Brine cooling • Hose bracket • Belt hoists • Cottage cheese bag hangers...

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Custom made C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology bv has been producing highest quality milk processing equipment since 1888 . The ease of use and operation of the machine are central to our philosophy. Our machines are fully customisable and adaptable to meet your needs. If you have your own ideas or concept, please do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities. Due to our experience in the field, we are aware of many different possibilities and our team of engineers also love challenges and innovations. Where do we start? If you want to add more value to your milk, we are happy to help you...

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