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Cambio can do more C+P’s Cambio is more than just a locker! Cambio’s versatility and multifunctionality allow you to configure your space as you like and create a unique ambiance. But looks aren’t everything: In this brochure you will find all the reasons why Cambio can also meet all your expectations when it comes to day to day usage. One of the unique aspects of the range is the fact that it can be deployed in all sectors and areas of use. That means that every installation is tailor-made. Not only does Cambio fit perfectly to your specific surroundings, but it enhances them as well....

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Fitness, Wellness, Leisure Industry, Trade, Commercial Hospitals, Clinics, Homes The first thing after checking in: The Changing rooms for industrial or com- In the medical and health-care context, changing rooms. Pleasing and versatile mercial use place special demands on the hygiene, cleanliness and safety are the fixtures become the visiting card of your furniture. Cambio represents the perfect paramount factors. This applies equally to facility. C+P’s Cambio fulfills these require- product of a market leader’s decades-long patient lockers, employee lockers or safes ments both from...

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Cambio shapes rooms It makes a big difference whether furniture is just put into a room – or becomes a harmonious component of the interior design concept. Cambio has all it takes to blend in with and enhance any space. The decisive factors here are not only the versatility of the possible locker configurations, but also the wide range of materials and surface finishes. The innumerable ways of combining these allow Cambio to create spatial impressions second to none.

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Photo-like visualization

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Cambio can integrate: All standard mechanical and electronic locking systems, from turning bolt latch technology to online locking systems forming part of a comprehensive building automation system.

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Numbering and orientation: For optimal spatial orientation and numbering, we supply colorcoded labels and pictograms. Perfectly integrated Where creative interior designers make use of a wide range of spatial configuration options, the choice of interior fittings makes the difference when it comes to finding the perfect blend of impressive looks and practical utility. Cambio systems not only fit in to the desired spatial ambiance perfectly, but their thought-through technology and intelligent details ensure that they can be deployed with maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Stainless steel Real-wood veneer Creative front design: The stable steel system body forms the ideal basis for creative door variants using very varied materials:

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Professional technology: The end face plate can be used as a blackboard with integrated monitor: the perfect solution.

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For a dignified background When it is a matter of selecting furniture for a particularly tasteful ambiance, only something special will do. When ‘good’ simply isn’t good enough, furniture is required that is uncompromisingly high-class. Whether it’s for a business lounge in a high class fitness club or for changing rooms in a refined wellness hotel: The Cambio Business Line represents exclusivity. Perfect division of space: Shoes, outer garments, briefcase, notebook – a place for everything. Safe with PIN code lock: The robust safe is permanently installed and provides full security for all...

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Vitas benches: Sophisticated design with excellent seating comfort, available in stainless steel or coated steel. Excellent workmanship and practical functionality combined with fine materials (e.g. selected real wood veneer doors) and unsurpassed design. An excellent visiting card for all hosts who want to convey to their guests that they are worthy of the finest treatment. The Business Line provides a wealth of functional highlights and added comfort aspects. Starting with the spacious and easy-access configuration of the locker spaces, on to the professionally integrated technology:...

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54° profile in the body: This innovative profile makes the locker even more stable and secure. Also, the interior can be cleaned and clothing can be removed more easily.

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Components in harmony Discriminating visitors expect not only representative furnishings, but ones that complement each other as part of a thought-through and high quality design concept in which each component contributes to the whole. This means flexible adaptation from one room to another and fulfillment of individual customer requirements. Solutions like this are not available ‘off-the-peg’ – and yet it must be possible to manufacture them using industrial production methods. There is a simple answer to this: Cambio from C+ P. Modern design: The rounded frame construction combines a...

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The previous double page and the image above show fitness club furnishings. Fine walnut decor doors in pure white steel bodies, benches installed below with matching HPL seating and integrated assembled box lockers speak for themselves.

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Elegance in every detail: The pillar panels that match the lockers also contain the waste bins. Front side panels with wood applications, stainless steel mirrors and numbering complete the picture.

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V en ti l ati on a nd dr y ing a s a s y s t e m All the lockers available on the market have holes and For drying requirements that go beyond this, the FVL and slits. And somehow that means the interiors are venti- FVLD concepts can be implemented. lated – so they say, anyway. But does that really work? Solutions are also available for hygiene requirements that The effectiveness of the ventilation in C+ P lockers has go even further (e.g. with integrated filter and disinfec- been scientifically investigated and confirmed. Thanks tion systems). We look forward to your specific inquiries. to...

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SVL concept®: Perforations positioned with ventilation in mind facilitate the air flow behavior in single and double-tier lockers. FVL/FVLD concept: Poppet valves regulate the correct quantity of air per compartment. The dryer of the FVLD concept: The electric dryer is located in a locker section where it cannot be seen. It dries even wet clothing in just a few hours. FVLD concept Self Ventilation concept (SVL) = effective drying without additional ventilation equipment. Forced Ventilation concept (FVL) = odor removal by means of high air renewal rate and improved drying – implemented with...

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