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Your doorway to a world of magical efficiency C + P SmartLocker

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C + P SmartLocker

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Open sesame! A world where keys have lost their meaning. A compartment that opens precisely when its time has come. Objects appearing behind one door yesterday, and a different door tomorrow. It seems like magic, but—like in any other stage show—it’s actually ingenious technology. Our SmartLockers’ seemingly impossible feats are unlike conventional magic tricks in one important way, however: they are not primarily designed to trick or to entertain. Their goal is to make workflows in your company smarter and more efficient. So that you can save time, space, and money. So that you and your...

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C+P SmartLocker - 4

Over 150 million possibilities Do you need a configuration that isn’t shown here? Is your favorite color not included in our list? Whatever you need, just ask us. The C + P team looks forwarding to receiving your call: +49 (0)6465 919-350 Display side One-piece Display front One-piece Display front Two-piece

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C+P SmartLocker - 5

Color selection Compartment layout Natural silver spruce VK 039 Compartment size Display front, one-piece S Display front, two-piece

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C + P SmartLocker

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C+P SmartLocker - 7

06 10 13 Always showtime: A C + P SmartLocker talks about its life. Focus pocus: C + P SmartLockers are highly efficient. Flex-hex: C + P SmartLockers are highly flexible. 14 17 18 Abracadabra: C + P SmartLockers are extremely versatile. Works like magic: C + P SmartLockers are carefully thought out. Encore: for all those who want even more. 20 22 25 The great magician: Prefino S 7000. The master’s apprentice: Evolo S 3000. FAQ about C + P SmartLockers. 26 What seems effortless is the product of years of experience.

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C+P SmartLocker - 8

Always showtime: A C + P SmartLocker talks about its job. Hi, I’m Prefino. S 7000, to be precise. I work for a real estate company with approximately 200 employees and 150 properties in and around Berlin. Business is good. And, if I say so myself, that’s partly thanks to me. Would you like to find out why? Here’s a little selection of what I did yesterday (not everything, as that would take forever). 4:58 a.m. Daybreak. The cleaning team approaches. I give Ms. L. the high-quality industrial vacuum cleaner from compartment 75. The boss insists on it—they have no idea how expensive these...

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C+P SmartLocker - 9

Once C + P SmartLockers are in use, it’s hard to imagine life without them 8:42 a.m. The first office workers are here. I give each of them a free sandwich from compartment 32. But only between 8:45 and 9:00. After that, the compartment can only be opened by the cafeteria cook. She takes the remaining sandwiches to sell throughout the day. You might be wondering why they do this. It was an idea the Head of HR came up with to motivate people, because they kept turning up to work late. Promoting good behavior with snacks. It seems to have worked. 9:11 a.m. Now it’s time for the laptops to be...

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C+P SmartLocker - 10

11:37 a.m. Things are really hectic today, with all kinds of keys and documents passing through my compartments. It’s ironic, actually: I don’t need any keys myself, but I’m always looking after other people’s. A task that I take very seriously, of course. All of my compartments are practically impossible to open with force, as there’s nowhere for tools to get a hold. And they don’t have a lock that can be accessed from the outside. But I do have a very attentive camera and I can issue a warning to raise the alarm. 1:04 p.m. Mr. B. has come for a meeting. He is a particularly important...

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C+P SmartLocker - 11

5:30 p.m. The workers from the office next-door are going home and have come to get their valuables from my compartments 100 to 120. The boss kindly decided to let them do this. For good relationships. Not for free, though. The compartments are leased. Every time they’re opened, I take one euro of credit from the other company’s account and pay it into ours. This means that a compartment can pay for itself in a couple of months, and then actually make a profit. 6:15 p.m. At the end of the day, of all times, there’s a power failure in the building, and there are still some people here who...

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C+P SmartLocker - 12

Focus pocus: C + P SmartLockers are highly efficient. Unlike other cabinets, a C + P SmartLocker is always busy Time is money. And too much of both is always wasted on things that could have been avoided. For example, handing over laptops or other technical devices to staff. Or replacing a lock because someone has lost the key. Or because an employee has been handed a defective tool and can’t do anything with it. Or for the maintenance of a mechanical lock system, because some of the locks have worn down through repeated use. The list is almost endless. What all these issues have in common:...

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C + P SmartLocke

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C + P SmartLocker

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C+P SmartLocker - 15

Flex-hex: C + P SmartLockers are highly flexible. If you have 100 employees, you need 100 security compartments, right? Wrong. If you’re on a customer visit, on vacation, sick, or working from home, you don’t need a compartment. With a C + P SmartLocker, you only need compartments for the maximum number of employees that are in the building at any given time. These can be different people from one day to another, as you can easily reprogram the compartments from your desk. We call this flexible usage. The configuration options for compartment layouts are also extremely flexible. Whether...

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C+P SmartLocker - 16

Abracadabra: C + P SmartLockers are extremely versatile. The key is that there is no key. No object that can get lost and that anyone could use. Instead there are a variety of access options, such as the app, a PIN, or RFID transponder, that can only be used by you or by the person you assign. It is highly likely that your SmartLocker will be handled with care, as you can precisely trace every time the SmartLocker is accessed. If force is ever used, however, the administrator is sent a notice. On top of this, our steel is highly robust and has an anti-theft design with no vulnerable points...

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