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Test & Measurement - 2

PORTABLE TEST Current Tester Automotive Diagnostic Tester Digital Multimeter Battery Tester Cable Insulation Tester Network Cable Tester OTHER TEST / MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT Pressure Transmitters Development Boards Surveying Equipment

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Test & Measurement - 3

High performance test & measurement equipment plays a critical role in a number of industries such as manufacturing, telecom/datacom, utility, automotive, and medical. Whether they are used in a lab environment, an auto repair shop, or a construction site, these products need to perform reliably under challenging conditions. The switches used to power, program, and operate these devices must be designed to perform at the same level. C&K products are among the highest performing switches in the world and were designed with these types of applications in mind. In addition to our standard...

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Test & Measurement - 6

Michigan Newton Netherlands Germany Paris Hungary Dole Italy Tianjin Japan Beijing Korea Shanghai Huizhou Hong Kong Taiwan Malaysia Singapore Manufacturing and/or R&D C&K Sales Team Additional 49 Sales Rep offices throughout North America Please visit to view C&K’s full product offering and list of partners and distributors. The “Ask a specialist” function on the website allows direct contact to each C&K product manager to leverage your C&K product knowledge.

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