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Switch Short Form Catalog - 56 Pages

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Switch Short Form Catalog

Catalog excerpts

SHORT FORM CATALOG Switches • Smart Card Interconnect Devices High Reliability Connectors

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C&K offers more than 55,000 unique part numbers that are built, priced and delivered as standard catalog items. Tactile Switches

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C&K Complete Product Range With one of the world’s largest sales support networks, C&K’s global sales representatives and stocking distributors ensure local support and product availability. Toggle Switches • Miniature, subminiature, ultraminiature • Sealed • Surface mount, through-hole, bushing mount Miniature Rocker Switches • Snap-in, through-hole, panel mount • Washable • PC mount • Illuminated options Power Rocker Switches • Snap-in, panel mount • Illuminated options • Several body sizes and shapes Slide Switches • Miniature, ultraminiature • Process sealed switches • Surface mount,...

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This catalog represents a small sample of C&K part numbers. C&K has over 55,000 part numbers available. Please refer to the C&K full line catalog for a complete list of products and configurations. The part numbers listed are RoHS compliant. Dimensions and specifications subject to change. © 2017 C&K Specifications and other data are based on information available at the time of printing, and are subject to change without notice.

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Detect Product Selection Guide

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* Maximum value are for voltage and current separately CsK

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* Other options available by request CsK

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* Other options available by request

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Detect Series Typical Applications • Consumer electronics • Computers • Medical devices • ATCA and MicroTCA devices HDT Series Micro Miniature Surface Mount Detect Switch Features/Benefits • Low profile package • Design allows top or side actuation • Low actuation force, 35 grams max. • Pick and place compatible, available in tape & reel packaging • Halogen free

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Features/Benefits • Low profile package sits just 2mm off PCB • 2mm overtravel ideal for detector applications • Low actuation force (75 grams max.) • RoHS compliant and compatible KSJ Series Sealed Detect Switch for SMT Features/Benefits • Straight or vertical detect • Spherical actuator allows actuation +/- 30° • High travel / silent switch • Adapted for cam actuation Typical Applications • Automotive • Industrial electronics • Computer infrastructure and IT Part Number KM Series Subminiature Detect Switches Features/Benefits • Reliable contact design • Available with pretravel and...

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MPS Series Magnetic Proximity Sensors Features/Benefits • Long life—4M operations • Sealed contacts • Quality construction • Quick and easy installation • Contact rating 3.0 W max. @ 30 V DC or 30 V AC max. @ 0.3 AMP max.; 1.0 msec. max. operate time (including bounce); 1.0 AMP max. carry current. Typical Applications • Automotive sensors and indicators • Industrial sensors • Factory automation equipment Part Number RB Series Rolling Ball Sensor Switch Typical Applications • Movement detection • White goods • Consumer electronics Features/Benefits • Compact shielded design •    10 degree...

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Bifurcated contact for increased electrical reliability    • Hand-held electronic devices Process sealed for surface mount soldering and washable    • Portable computer and electronic devices processing    • Instrumentation and controls Contact Rating 24 V DC, 25 mA (switching). 50 V DC, 100 mA (steady state). Note - this catalog represents a small sample of C&K part numbers. C&K has over 55,000 part numbers available. Please refer to the C&K full line catalog for a complete list of products and configurations. Dimensions and specifications subject to change.

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RTE Series Low Profile Rotary DIP Switches Features/Benefits • Miniature size with robust stainless steel cover • Rotary SPDT, SP3T, SP4T functions • Rotary binary-decimal and hexadecimal coding • Contact rating Gold:    100 mA max. Typical Applications • Timers, automation components • Computer and peripherals • Alarms, smoke detectors, access control • Instrumentation • Address switching applications Part Number CD / CRD Series 8mm / 10mm DIP Coded Rotary Switches Features/Benefits • Process sealed - withstands soldering and cleaning • Thru-hole and surface mount models • Crisp, positive...

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D6 Series SPST Momentary Key Switches Features/Benefits    Typical Applications •    Positive tactile feedback    •    Video •    High temperature    •    Electronic games •    Wide variety of colors and styles    •    Appliances

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Keyswitch Series PVA Series Short Stroke Key Switches Features/Benefits • Compact design • Short stroke to latch • Wide variety of actuator heights and styles • Adapted for medium power applications Typical Applications • Automotive (air conditioning, lighting) • Industrial • Control panel

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Pushbutton Series EP Series Sealed Tiny Pushbutton Switches Typical Applications • Telecommunications and networking equipment • Computers and peripherals • Instrumentation and controls Features/Benefits • Sealed against solder & cleaning processes • Snap-fitting actuator accepts standard caps • Contact rating 0.4VA max @ 20 V AC or DC max.

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