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Space Splice

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SPACE SPLICE Patent Pending High Reliability Connecting Solution

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SPACE SPLICE • One way connector for linking 2 wires with removable contacts. Using D*MA crimpable contact technology. • EPPL2 Product (ESA/ESCC European Preferred Part List part2) • Easy to use. • Compact format and designed to accept the most popular cable gauges (AWG 20 to AWG 30). • Replacement of manual splices by standard solution. • Low residual magnetism. • Low degassing. • High radiation and temperature resistance (PEEK material). • Packaging unit: 250 pieces (plastic bag). Connection completed Space Splice To crimp pin and socket D*MA contacts with wires (such as D*MA connector)....

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HOW TO ORDER SPACE SPLICE FR039 Code for Space Level According to FR039 C&K specification Series Variant Magnetism level NMB 200 Gamma Insert Type MA for two-piece insert with metal retention clips for crimp contacts Contact type PS Pin + Socket contacts SOCKET CONTACT Specification Number Specification Number Size 02 Standard 20/20 (wire size 20 / 22 / 24) 04 Reduced 20/26 (wire size 26 / 28 / 30*) Testing Level Testing Level • Contacts are ESA/ESCC quality level. • Contacts are without marking and without ink color coding. • Residual magnetism level NMB (200 Gamma max). • Packaging unit:...

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TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Space: Space Splice is manufactured in accordance with ESA/ESCC specification, meeting the highest quality requirements for satellite structure, payloads, harnesses… Space Splice key application is one way wire connection for heater, thermistor, MLI (Multi Layer Insulator…) Other Applications: Space Splice is the ideal choice for the connection of 2 wires with removable contact option. Low magnetism level and high resistance to radiation allow to use it in harsh environment such as laboratory, avionics, military, and medical equipments. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Standard...

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