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PVA - PVB series - 1

High Performance Key Switches

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PVA - PVB series - 2

PVA & PVB - KEY SWITCHES C&K Components has been manufacturing the PVA Series push switch for more than 30 years. C&K is constantly looking to improve the manufacturing means and processes in order to continue serving its customers with the highest performance level. As part of this continuous improvement, C&K has designed a program around the PVA Series to completely renew the manufacturing tools and assembly equipment. New materials have increased the sealing features of the PVA products. C&K has also developed a SMT version of that family, the PVB Series. The products are packaged in...

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PVA - PVB series - 3

HOW TO ORDER COMBINATION OVERVIEW P V A Series PVA1 2 make-contacts (DPST) PVA2 2 change-over contacts (DPDT) Mechanical Function OA Momentary EE Push-push Operating Force 1.2N PVA 1 only 1.7N PVA 2 only 3.5N Termination NONE Standard terminals SNA Snap-in terminals Buttons are ordered separately and shipped in bulk. Button Color RD Red GR Green BK Black WH White P V B Series PVB4 SPDT PVB6 DPDT - SMT Termination PVB6THT DPDT - THT Termination Mechanical Function OA Momentary EE Push-push LFS ROHS compliant and compatible. Silver plated *Some configurations are not be available or require...

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PVA - PVB series - 4

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Automotive: PVA & PVB Series are manufactured in accordance with the highest automotive quality requirements. PVA & PVB Series’ key applications are interior light. With their different contact arrangements, PVA & PVB Series are also used for heater/ air conditioning applications and electrical park brake controls. PVA & PVB Series are the ideal choice each time the switch needs to be maintained in lock position (windows lock, mirror selector,..) Other applications: Controls panels for premium application (Laboratory equipments, X-ray, imagery, oscilloscope, …) On-Off...

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