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Metering - 1

Do NOT reopen the supply until remws an competent person to preventgase SWITCH SOLUTIONS FOR METERING

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Metering - 2

In addition to recording energy usage, modern utility meters also act as communication hubs between the customer and utility - communicating usage patterns, billing history, and pricing information which indicate the best time of day to operate energy intensive devices. These meters must be able to resist tampering as well as endure a variety of challenging environmental conditions for many years. C&K products are among the highest performing switches in the world and were designed with these types of applications in mind. In addition to our standard portfolio, we can customized any switch...

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Metering - 4

Michigan Newton Netherlands Germany Paris Hungary Dole Italy Tianjin Japan Beijing Korea Shanghai Huizhou Hong Kong Taiwan Malaysia Singapore Manufacturing and/or R&D C&K Sales Team Additional 49 Sales Rep offices throughout North America Please visit to view C&K’s full product offering and list of partners and distributors. The “Ask a specialist” function on the website allows direct contact to each C&K product manager to leverage your C&K product knowledge.

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