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KSC series - 1

KSC SERIES High Performance Tactile Switch

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KSC series - 2

THE CONCEPT The KSC Series tactile switch offers important customization options to meet most application requirements. For more than 15 years, C&K Components has improved performance, quality and expanded product options and variations for the KSC family. The KSC Series is more than a product series with defined characteristics, it is a system where configurations can be combined to deliver a complete switch solution. Actuators, domes, and housings can be mixed in order to obtain the right dimension, haptics and resistance to meet environmental requirements. By offering the right mix, the...

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KSC series - 3

No actuator (switch height /mm) Soft actuator silicon (switch height /mm) Soft actuator EPDM (switch height /mm) Hard actuator (switch height /mm) Side actuated Improved tactile (sp delta)° Actuator type Extended life (1) (in K cycles) Combination overview Acoustic control Button compatible Rocker actuation Ultra low current (10µA) (1) (2) O O – Not available with all actuators For silver plated versions – gold versions have mean force slightly higher Available Available on request No capabilities

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KSC series - 4

LFS Lead free compatible, silver plated LFG Lead free compatible, gold plated Specific Features Plating & Life 1: Silver 2: Silver long life 3: Gold 4: Gold long life Terminal G: Gullwing J: J bend V: Side actuated Actuator hardness (KSC4 only) 50 SH: Gullwing 70 SH: J bend RT: Rubber RC: Rubber conic TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Automotive: For the interior of a vehicle, C&K tunes the KSC Series switch’s haptic and acoustic response to perfectly fit any OEM requirements. The flexibility of integration, the precise tolerance, the robustness, and the variety of haptic makes the KSC Series an ideal...

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