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SOXTHERM – rapid extraction system for solid-liquid extractions EXTRACTION FULLY AUTOMATIC Extracts up to 24 samples simultaneously Easily upgradable for increasing numbers of samples The highest analysis quality due to software controlled processes Complete, unbroken process control and documentation Meets the highest safety requirements

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SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM Scan the QR code and watch our SOXTHERM video. AUTOMATIC RAPID EXTRACTION WITH SOXTHERM C. Gerhardt‘s innovative SOXTHERM rapid extraction system is the highest performed of all laboratory extraction systems available on the market. It is fast, very versatile, can be upgraded easily at any time and provides the best analysis results reliably and consist ntly. With SOXTHERM you can process up to 24 different samples simultaneously. The e device runs fully automatically and can be operated without supervision with confidence. Just insert...

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SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM „The SOXTHERM rapid extraction system grows with its challenges. 4 devices and up to 24 samples can be operated simultaneously with one control unit.” SERIES EXTRACTION UPGRADABLE You can easily upgrade the system at any time if the number of samples increases or new analysis tasks have to be performed. COMFORTABLE OPERATION The extraction units are controlled either from a PC/laptop with SOXTHERM Manager control software or using the external MULTISTAT control unit. CONTROL USING PC/LAPTOP SOXTHERM MANAGER The software monitors all the...

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SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM „SOXTHERM extraction systems provide you with the highest degree of laboratory safety. All processes are controlled automatically with continuous and unbroken monitoring.” HIGH LEVEL OF OPERATIONAL SAFETY ECONOMICAL AND FAST S OLVENT RECYCLING A process developed by C. Gerhardt means that solvents can be reclaimed almost completely and re-used several times over. R EDUCED COOLING WATER CONSUMPTION The cooling water regulation makes for low cooling water consumption. An external recirculating cooler can also be connected. O NE CONTROL...

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SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM EXTREMELY VERSATILE „SOXTHERM operates in line with international and national standards and specific extraction standards and thus meets all the requisite analysis qualities“. EXAMPLES OF APPLICATIONS USE OF DIFFERENT SAMPLE TYPES Possible sample weights depend on the size of the available thimbles (refer to product data sheet) Suitable for all common solvents 100 ml or 150 ml extraction beakers can be used Three different sizes of thimbles can be used FAT DETERMINATION IN FOOD AND FEEDSTUFFS PREPARATION OF SAMPLES IN RESIDUE AND...

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SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM SOXTHERM EXTRACTION SYSTEM VALID ANALYSIS QUALITY SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE C. Gerhardt products are quality products for daily routine operation in the laboratory. We only use high quality materials with long service lives to provide you with maximum functionality and reliability. Certified quality and the highest level of validity of analysis results are basic requirements for the services of analysis laboratories. With SOXTHERM you have the equipment which is a match for the high quality demands of modern laboratory technology. TRANSPARENT DOCUMENTATION With the...

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C. Gerhardt – Quality made in Germany STANDARD ANALYSES AUTOMATION Completely automated laboratory analysis systems by C. Gerhardt are highly developed special equipment. They automate recurring analysis processes in accordance with national and international standards and norms. They continuously provide precise and reproducible analysis results quickly, at low cost, economically and highly efficiently. An excerpt from our product range COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC HYDROLYSIS HYDROTHERM – automatic acid hydrolysis system for fat determination accordng to Weibull-Stoldt. When combined i with...

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