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HYDROTHERM – for classic fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt COMPLETELY AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS Up to 80 % cost savings per sample Process runs in closed system Exactly reproducible analysis results For almost all sample types and sizes Very easy operation, ready for use immediately

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HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS “HYDROTHERM observes international and national norms and extraction standards and thus meets all the required analysis qualities.” HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS Scan the QR code and watch our HYDROTHERM video. COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC HYDROLYSIS HYDROTHERM is the world’s first and only automatic acid hydrolysis system for fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt. The complete digestion and filtration process runs in a closed system. The unit can therefore be operated outside a fume cupboard. Laboratory personnel do not come into contact with hot...

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HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS “The analysis process runs automatically. The presence of laboratory personnel during this is not required. Cost savings of up to 80 % per sample in comparison with the conventional, manual process.” HIGH WORK SAFETY HIGH COST AND WORKING TIME SAVINGS   igh sample throughput: Six samples can be hydrolysed simultaneously in one pass. H  ime saving: No laboratory personnel have to be present during the running proT cess. The control, filtration and monitoring of the hydrolysis process are taken over completely automatically...

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HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS “The apparatus provides precise, completely documented digestions. Exactly reproducible at any time. Uncontrolled deviations from the method and inaccuracies in the hydrolysis process are ruled out.” HIGH FLEXIBILITY HIGH ANALYSIS QUALITY   ossible sample weights range from 1 to 20 g for solid samples and up to 50 ml P for liquid samples.   ith this particularly large range, almost all types of food and feed samples can W be analysed (also, for example, convenience products, dietary foods, powdered milk and many others)....

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HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS “HYDROTHERM is preconfigured and ready to use immediately. Numerous parameters can be i ndividually defined. Using the preset standard method, 95 % of all samples can be validly analysed.” SOPHISTICATED DETAILS  he energy supply for the hotplate can be regulated using the software T for each process so that there are optimal digestion conditions.  he rinsing nozzles function like a shower head: they also rinse all T residues from the walls of the digestion tubes. The complete digestion is transferred to the filter without...

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HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS HYDROTHERM – AUTOMATED HYDROLYSIS TECHNICAL DATA 6 (3 modules, each with two heaters) Sample weight variable, only limited by size of the digestion tube and capacity of the folded filter Cooling water connection Cooling water pressure Cooling water consumption Nominal voltage Nominal power Current consumption SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE C. Gerhardt products are quality products for daily routine operation in the laboratory. We only use high quality materials with long service lives to provide you with maximum functionality and reliability. Laboratory equipment...

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C. Gerhardt – Quality made in Germany AUTOMATING STANDARD ANALYSES Completely automated laboratory analysis systems from C. Gerhardt are highly developed special equipment. They automate recurring analysis p rocesses in accordance with national and international standards and norms. They continuously provide precise and reproducible analysis results quickly, at low cost, economically and highly efficiently.   OMPLETELY AUTOMATIC FAT EXTRACTION C SOXTHERM – automatic fast extraction system for fat determination.   UTOMATED CRUDE FIBRE DETERMINATION A FIBRETHERM – completely automated...

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