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saGeOn® iii POWer sYsteM The Sageon® III Power System is the next ‘Intelligent Power’ in the Sageon® Family. It is simple to operate, with built-in intelligence to minimize manual adjustments and measurement settings, while providing information pertaining to the health of the system and its reliability. The Sageon® III is capable of delivering 600A (28kW) or 1200A (56kW) N+1 blocks of power for -48V systems and includes up to 60 distribution breakers, all in single 7 ft bay. The basic Sageon® components of smart rectifier, controller and flexible distribution enable this system to be easily sized. The Sageon® family of power systems products will always accomodate your changing power needs and is designed to allow you to remotely view, record and act upon all the data from a site. The Sageon® III gives you the capability of battery and site monitoring demanded in today’s market. Features and BeneFits High density Compact design with rectifiers at 9 watts per cubic inch, minimizing floor space necessary for installation Front accessible Installation, repairs, and maintenance are made easier, saving time and money Modular design Expandable, scalable, and flexible for changing power needs remote access Remotely monitor and control the complete power systems, reducing trips to the site Battery Monitoring Sageon® Battery Monitoring will measure the voltage in each cell in your system and alarm when the voltage goes out of spec - Knowing the Health of your system is key to up time site Monitor The SSM provides additional I/O for the power plant, enabling users to monitor the status of additional equipment through the Sageon system Battery testing Automatic or on-demand battery testing, insuring batteries are functioning properly 10-1033/0412/CD

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10-1033 Sageon® III is scalable, flexible, accessible and configurable. The power system you buy from C&D Technologies today will support your needs as you grow and expand. The Sageon® III Power System's distribution is scalable and upgradeable, enabling build out in six rack unit increments (6RU). Being able to upgrade and add-on as needed saves on infrastructure build-out cost, and doing this while the system is hot means you won't have to bring in an alternative power source during the upgrade. The Sageon® III accommodates AM1 and GJ1 breakers - mix and match these components into almost...

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Sageon® III - 3

OPTIONAL BATTERY MONITORING Optional Battery monitoring allows you to monitor the health of each battery remotely and remote load testing. SITE MONITORING Sageon Site Monitor provides additional I/O for the power plant enabling users to monitor the status of additional equipment through the SAGEON system. n Rnltnry Cr?ll -MnniTnr Cell Number Cell Av (V) 2.17B Current (A) | -14 | Temp f=C) ElnMcry Miiriilin

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10-1033 sPeCiFiCatiOns enVirOnMentaL sPeCiFiCatiOns normal Operating temperature extended Operating temperature storage temperature Heat dissipation 1020 BTU/Hr. maximum per rectifier Forced air, front to back, auto-regulating acoustic noise PHYsiCaL sPeCiFiCatiOns 7 ft (2134 mm) Height 7 Ft saGeOn iii POWer sYsteM Distribution Battery String Connections, AM1 and GJ1 Circuit Breakers, and Ground Return. Control Panel Includes System Controller, SNMP Communications, BDM, Auxiliary Alarms, and Temp Compensations. Power Conversion 600A/Module 50A Rectifiers (2 Modules shown) Power Conversion...

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